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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

No More Elementary School

(Last Day of Fifth Grade) She again had flowers to take to her teacher this morning. Her sweet teacher was very thankful and said how much she missed Shayla when she was home with the chicken pox. I also bought a vegetable tray for the school staff. Shay didn't want to take that either saying it was embarassing. Sorry, I'm your mom, I'm embarassing! That's just the way it is! (PIC: In the midst of a big - long overdue - landscaping project now!)

(First Day of Fifth Grade)

This one is hard for me to believe - I just sent our baby girl off to elementary school FOR THE LAST TIME! It seems very odd. I think the middle school will really be good for Shayla next year; she's definitely ready to move on and at the middle school, where five elementaries will come together next year, she will be with a lot of girls she already knows from HEIGHTS, dance, 4H, etc. and she's looking forward to that. She will be in all of the advanced classes that are offered (language arts, math and science) so I also think that will also better serve her. The past year of fifth grade has been rough for her at times. I am so glad it is over - we all are!

(First Day of 5th Grade)Picking her up yesterday allowed me to see some of her awards. While we were pleased with "All As for all of fifth grade", I was most happy with the "Effort" award she received for her fifth grade class and she was most happy with receiving "Most Improved" in Phys. Ed. class.

Yesterday I sat down to make some final determinations for Christi's grave marker, but then I realized that the folder I need is on my main computer - the one at BGSU being fixed with a new hard drive. Hmmmmm. Guess that's just one more excuse to put it off a bit (ha). Seriously, I was ready to start finalizing it, but then the folder where I've put odds and ends for grave marker possibilities over the years wasn't at my fingertips. BG fixed me up with another computer so I forgot. I guess I'm not quite ready.

Hug your little ones - they grow up too quickly!


At 2/6/10 9:42 AM, Blogger Sarah said...

Wow! I can't believe Shayla is going to be in middle school next year!

Also, I really love the "Was that an earthquake or did I just rock your world" tshirt!

At 2/6/10 11:32 AM, Blogger HeatherB said...

Congratulations on finishing the
5th grade Shayla!! You are one beautiful young woman!

Angela- Thanks for sharing the pictures of Shayla- I always love seeing them- I can't believe she's done with 5th grade.

Thinking of you as you prepare to finalize Christi's grave marker.

Lots of love and prayers,

At 3/6/10 4:41 AM, Blogger Amy said...

Wow, Shayla is growing up way too fast. Middle School already? Congrats Shayla!
Our kids' last day is next Thursday. Then my oldest will be a high school senior...not exactly ready for that, and for how fast I know the next year will go.
My prayers are with you as you plan sweet Christi's marker.

At 16/6/10 8:13 PM, Anonymous Kourtney. said...

HEY I think Shayla is sooo gorgeous, shes so grown up. I just remembered something you wrote years ago, I know shayla's not in year 8 yet but i still think this is so cute. :)

"In the midst of my teaching, the classroom door opened and in shayla strolled sweetly declaring, "I love you Mama." My students were speechless as she quickly walked up to me, gave me a kiss and then walked right out the door. Then my students starting giggling telling me I should tell her what she did when she's in the 8th grade!"

much love from Australia.


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