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Friday, June 18, 2010

Good Night, Sad Day

"Ride it like you stole it!" we like to joke when it's time for contesting (speed) competitions. As for Skeeter - he was amazing! I shook my head and could only say, "I didn't think he had it in him! Wow!"

(PIC: Hugging Skeeter) Due to the fact a thunderstorm is heading our way, we left the horse show early. Shayne and Shayla are back at the barn now giving Skeeter a bath and preparing for the big (all day) show tomorrow. Shay was entered in three speed events tonight, but we left after the first one, hoping to avoid the storm. After her race she said, "I have the best horse in the world!" She could not stop hugging him and telling him what a good boy he is. She told me, "If I had a whole bag of treats, he would deserve to get every single one; he's that sweet!" Shayla really improved in her riding over last year. Her time was 34.? seconds in barrel racing and she came in 5th (and won a lovely pink ribbon and 80 cents - too funny).

(PIC: Shayla with Ally, a GA for Tiffin University, giving Shayla some extra lessons this summer) I did feel guilty tonight watching her so happy and so healthy, knowing others are not. I received a text from Olivia shortly after lunch today telling me that another girl from Tiffin, who fought cancer, earned her angel wings today. Fly, Kayla, Fly! I'm sure Christi is happy to have a fellow Tiffinite in God's house with her. Although Shayne and I are dreading going to the funeral home this week, and Shayla also knows about the death, we will do so for their family - just like they did for ours. I'm sure it's going to conjure up some vile feelings. Sickening, the wicked cancer beast is absolutely evil!


At 18/6/10 10:56 PM, Blogger Anna said...

Oh my heart just aches for Kayla's family. I had just thought of her earlier today and was planning to check her site since I had not recently... My thoughts and prayers will be with the whole family.

Amazing to see how much Shayla has learned in terms of riding - she's growing up so fast!

At 19/6/10 8:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awesome riding Shayla and Skeeter! What a sweet horse he is, and such an adorable photo of Shay hugging him.


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