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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Our Visit with Olivia

Backstage at Sunday's Recital (This was my favorite costume. They danced to "Angel" and it was quite moving I thought.)

Two of the nicest and finest young ladies one could ever meet! I love these gals! (They are posing in our living room in front of the painting Christi did for me weeks before she died.)

With sweet friend, Boo! this amazing gal is the teacher for the special needs dance class and again this year did a fabulous job! Shayla just loves her - we all do!

Much to our shock, our NYC friend Olivia had never been to a Walmart before (nor a Bob Evans, a fairgrounds, wild!). So we showed her some Ohio Culture (smile)! Shayla was surprised that she asked to take Olivia's picutre at Walmart. PIC: Shayla shows her 4H project (the scrapbook) to Olivia

Shay's also amazed that Olivia doesn't have a driver's liscence, but has been to NYC so many times she understands you don't have to own cars there with the subway and taxi system.

Shayla conned Olivia into a Warhead Contest (the sour candies, oh!)

Regardless, we LOVED, LOVED, LOVED getting Olivia, even if our time was too short, to stay with us! Taking her back to the airport, she was able to see BGSU. I'm convinced I would not have graduated without her so I'm most grateful that I was able to show her my office and campus. (She needs to join me there as a faculty member!) Olivia is a delight, beautiful inside and out and oh so intelligent! I hope she comes back to Ohio soon!


At 21/6/10 5:57 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What beautiful photos Angela, especially the last one (with Shayla). Olivia truly is a special person, I'm so glad she got to visit with you all!


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