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Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Father's Day

(Pic: After his swimming race) That incredible husband I'm so blessed to have, did an amazing feat! After working his "behindy" off Friday night and all day Saturday at Shayla's horse shows, he competed in an Olympic Distance Triathlon at Maumee Bay State Park on Sunday. I was exhausted and had just been showing up at Shayla's events. Shayne worked so hard in the hot sun and then turned around and did incredibly well at the tri on Sunday too. I'm amazed at him and all he does!

(Pic: During the Bike Portion) Shayne did it again! He went and competed in yet another triathalon which "forced" me to go and watch hundreds of good looking men swim, bike and run right before my very eyes. It was tough - hee hee! Seriously, I'm so proud of him! Running a company is more than a full time job for Shayne, then he works hard to squeeze in training time every day so that he stays healthy. Wow!

(After the 10K run) Shay and I enjoyed cheering him on. As he neared the finish line, after his lengthy swim, 40 mile bike ride and 10K run, Shayla (who had been working a water station for the runners) jumped in, held his hand and ran to the finish line with him.

After a very busy day, I was able to call Joe and wish him a Happy Father's Day! He is so awesome too! Here's wishing you and yours a fabulous week! ENJOY!


At 21/6/10 7:01 PM, Anonymous Sean H said...

Your family is so incredible! You're all so close and loving, I hope I'm so lucky when I have a family of my own.

At 22/6/10 3:39 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well done Shayne! What a hero!! x

At 22/6/10 4:19 AM, Blogger Amy said...

Wow, I don't know how they do it...Congratulations Shayne! I love how Shayla finishes with him!

At 24/6/10 9:03 AM, Blogger Toronto Wedding Photographers said...

I love that she finishes the races with him... makes me tear up every time! She looks so proud of him and he looks so happy to have her there with him! You have a wonderful family and are very blessed!!



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