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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Saturday's Horse Show

Shayla in the arena being judged early Saturday morning. (Love the happy faces, girls! Little did we know 8 hours later with 90 degree temps the smiles would be fading - hee hee! What a long, hot, glorious day! We are so blessed!!)

I love that both the judge and the child are smiling. Shayla in Showmanship competition. Shayla came out of the ring saying what a nice judge she was.

Shayla with her trainer and Skeeter's owner, Claire of Lane of Dream farms (and home of the Tiffin University Equestrian Team. They have close to 30 riders on their team and they are building yet another riding arena at the farm - amazing! How blessed we are to enjoy their great facilities and excellent trainers and horses, all within two miles of our home. Incredible!)

Shayla "hanging" with Ali before her trail competition

Claire reviews with Shayla before entering an English class.

Thanks to our sweet friend Jill, I think this very well may be our Christmas card photo! (I can't believe a horse will be in the family shot, but now that I think about it would be the third year in a row that Skeeter made the Christmas card photo. Christi, you've been replaced by a horse - crazy! I'm so sorry sweetie, but I know you'd think that was hilarious!)

Shay Shay in a Western class

My favorite part of her trail class was at the very end when Shayla hugged and patted Skeeter after being dismissed by the judge. Precious!

As you can see, Shayla had an INCREDIBLE day! She entered 8 classes and brought home 6 first place and 1 second place ribbons. It WAS a small show and in TWO of the divisions she was the only competitor. The competition at the fair will be much stiffer next month. Regardless, Skeeter is a wonderful horse and Shayla had an incredible time (and we did too)!

Then we enjoyed a couple of awesome graduation parties, visiting with sweet, sweet friends. Congratulations Elizabeth and Scott! We are so very proud of you! Best wishes to you always!


At 21/6/10 4:25 AM, Blogger Amy said...

Congratulations Shayla - Amazing job!


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