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Saturday, September 18, 2010

We Love a Parade!

I was very surprised that last year's festival royalty was asked to ride with this year's court. Shay had a ball! I won't say I thought the situation was safe, I didn't! But she had a great time being in the parade!

My Favorite Picture: Shayla accidently (I think - hee hee!) hit me with the candy she threw. She felt so bad. I thought it was hilarious!


At 18/9/10 4:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi All,

I cannot beleive so long has passed but at the same time it seems like yesterday - I remember those days in 2006 in so much detail and my heart goes out to you as the anniversary appraoches of Christi's passing.

I just wanted to let all of the Thomas Team know that I'll be thinking of them tomorrow - just as always.

It isn't any consolation I know but I know that my twin sister Emma will be taking extra care of Christi for you this year and making sure that she is laughing lots. Emma worked with children and loved being in the company of youngsters. In her own way, she too was brave just like Christi and even though it should never have been this way, I know that they will be having some wonderful times together. I know Emma will have been very grateful to have Christi there to "show her around" heaven & how to send those special signs that she is still close.

Missing Christi along with you Angela, Shayne & Shayla but being thankful that you allowed me to share in the life of one very special christi - she is always with me and as I am walking along my own cancer journey just now, Christi is quite simply my shining star lighting each step of my way - I wish I was as brave as she was though. She is and will always be my inspiration. I also know that whatever the outcome of my own journey - "it'll be OK" as I have my Emma and "our christi" watching over me wherever my road takes me. It's funny but Christi's words "I'm not sick, I only have cancer" are among the ones that give me the greatest strength, as does the sight of that magical smile of hers.

Christi - you are my hero - thankyou xx

Love to you all and extra hugs to heaven for angel christi xx

Nicky (Lake District, England)


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