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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Can't even describe the glorious day I shared with my family! It was wonderful! Our flight to Florida yesterday was uneventful and it was incredible to see mom and dad again! Ahhh! I wish we could stay so much longer, but there's this little (big) thing called "work" - darn (smile)! It was wild this morning to be awakened by a text from a school I work with back home saying school was delayed due to wind chills of -18, yikes! I'm so blessed to be in Florida now. Shayne said it's brutal back home.

Shayne - since you're not here, I had to ride the roller coasters with her! Oh, my! Missing you (smile)!
Shay said this was a "baby rollercoaster" but I screamed the whole time! You'd be very proud of me! Miss you!


At 10/2/11 9:51 PM, Blogger Sarah said...

Looks like a fun weekend! I can't imagine not having to wear a jacket right now lol. That kangaroo is so cute.

At 11/2/11 4:15 AM, Anonymous Lynne said...

Love the pictures I visited Busch Gardens last year (i love Orlando)
and visited the Kangaroo's and fed them they are so much fun
Scotland UK


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