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Sunday, February 06, 2011

Weekly Update

Shaylauary continues to go very well for the little miss. She's enjoyed more "snow days" home from school and staying with friends. (PIC: Yes, she is actually ice skating on our drive. She also skated up and down the road and IN our yard. On top of all of that snow was a nice layer of ice which allowed her to do that - what a hoot!)

I'm tired of the cold weather so Shayla and I will very soon put an end (or at least a little hault) to that. It is Shaylauary ya know, and this sweetie needs spoiled I think! And her mama needs some warm weather - all in the name of education, of course!

While Shayla has been with friends, Shayne and I have also had some couple time to enjoy our friends too - ahhh! Her first 4H meeting from her other 4H club meets today so she's excited about that. She plans to take just sewing and scrapbooking this year. (And of course "the horse" for her other 4H club and speaking of "that horse" - I may have news soon, news Shayla would like. We'll see)

May you and yours have a blessed and fabulous week! Be safe!


At 7/2/11 5:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brrrrrr!!! It sure looks cold up there Angela!!! It is so pretty but I've got to be makes me glad I'm here in south Florida! :) Although, I have a hunch I'd have a pretty fun day skating with Shay on the drive!

I've been meaning to email or comment on the grave marker...What a beautiful image of Christi. I think it looks very pretty. I'm proud of you for getting it done, I know what a struggle this has been for you -- understandably so! It just isn't right to have to do something so horrifying :(

Wishing you safe travels on those snowy roads and a warm home where the power stays ON!!!

Lisa :)


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