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Saturday, June 09, 2007

A Loving Day

God's people are good. I spent a lot of time today just shaking my head in amazing at the love we witnessed. Nearly 80 motorcycles rode in the Christi Thomas Memorial Poker Run today and many others also shared their love with us tonight at the Dance Unlimited's recital. We are very grateful. I'll share more pictures in upcoming days. THANK YOU!Billy, at Rush Graphics, did an incredible job on these absolutely gorgeous tee shirts, wow!
This choked me up. Cody, one of Christi's dear friends from school, rode the entire route today with his father. Amazing thoughtfulness. I was so happy to see them!

Very touching.....the "Friends of Christi" drove the loop at the cemetery before heading out. Many came up to me at the dinner and told me they were crying as they drove past us. (Of course so was I!)
Thank you and congratulations to Bob and Mary Jo on their retirement. (27 years with Dance Unlimited) What a blessing they've been to our family!
Congratulations to this year's Christi Thomas Memorial Scholarship recipients: Lindsay, Julia and Megan. I didn't want to share anything on the blog ahead of time, but we just couldn't award one scholarship so we decided upon two $1,000 (for each of Christi's former teachers - Lindsay and Megan) and one $250.00 book scholarship to pay for Julia's textbooks in the fall. We were blessed with many wonderful applications and we wish these incredible young women the very best. I will soon share one of the essays - which took me about five days to get through it, just like the amazing young woman who wrote it - it's really something special!


At 9/6/07 10:49 PM, Blogger Ashley said...

A few posts down, in the picture of Shayne adding the pinwheels to Christi's grave, there is a beautiful rainbow in the bottom left corner of the picture. Made me think of Christi spreading her wonderful light and joy around.

Is there a video of the dance tribute to Christi? It sounds beautiful!

At 10/6/07 12:57 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There are orbs in that last picture! One over Shayla's head and I believe those are bright orbs above Angela's head. I feel that Christi seems to perfectly place these precious orbs in each picture she selects to have them in, wow!

I love that shirt, it looks amazing! It sounds like the Poker Run was a sucess. I keep picturing the sign of Christi saying thank you from 2 short years ago and just imagining her also waving at the riders from her heavenly home.

Shayla looks adorable in her dance outfit. Congrats to Lindsay, Julia and Megan! I can't wait to read their essays. *Stay Strong*

At 10/6/07 11:22 AM, Blogger Phyllis said...

if you look closely at the pictuer of the memorial shirt, right where it says Christi Thomas, there is a purple orb. Hard to see, but once it's been spotted it is definitely visible.

I would love to see a viddeo of the memorial tribute if you have one!

Praying for you always. Christi's spirit is near and strong.

At 10/6/07 1:05 PM, Blogger Olivia said...

I am so glad to hear that the Poker Run was such a success-- I had no doubt it would be.

What a special tribute to Christi.

As always, you are all in my thoughts and prayers,


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