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Thursday, September 27, 2007

First Angel-versary

PHOTO: Heidelberg College student, and one of Christi's former babysitters reflects. Tif also sang at Christi's funeral and we do not know how she did that! She was also instrumental in making the lemonade stand happen at the 'Berg just as she was there for all four of them!

I didn’t want any worry about my lack of posts, so I thought I’d let you know we are “ok”!! We’ve had some unbelievable and shocking things happen in recent days, but I have been advised that I cannot write about that – yet.

So, let me back up: To say we have been deeply moved by the love shared with our family over the one year “Angel-versary” would not be saying enough at all. I do not believe words could ever properly explain our gratitude for the loving words and actions showered upon our family last week (cards, calls, flowers, such kindness - THANK YOU). I know I will never send proper thank yous, but I hope those know that only through those kind deeds and through His goodness, we made it…not always with grace, but we made it!

I will most likely post more about our week as time goes on. (I’ve been SWAMPED as my OSU – two real killer - classes started back up and it’s been HOT HOT HOT at school.) but I wanted to at least say a HUGE thank you to: Joe & Kaye, Kate, Sarah, Mom & Joe, Dr. Vela, Lori & Heidelberg College, and Marty & Jeff for getting us through last week.

Not that there were true “HIGHlights” (There were a lot of LOWlights) but there were some incredibly awesome things that are too sweet to leave to myself and that gave us so much comfort. I'll update soon. Thanks for all!


At 29/9/07 10:20 AM, Blogger Eliza said...

Dearest Thomas Family,
I am so sorry my thoughts - written here - are coming late.

It still takes me by surprise how a picture of Christi can pull on my heart and make me miss your sweet girl. It's amazing the joy and inspiration she gave to so many - so far away, who she never met, without even knowing or trying. She was, and continues to be, a true light.

Sending you love and hoping you are able to find moments of comfort and peace feeling Christi within and all around you.


At 29/9/07 9:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Shayla,

You looked quite at ease sitting on the stool with the mike at Chris Linn's show today.

This is the first time I have seen the show - and was very impressed with your "OOM...." cow.

My grandkids enjoyed the show, too.
Hope your day was as much fun as ours was...wasn't it a beautiful day?

At 3/10/07 3:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Thomas family

I hope you are ok today, I feel uneasy thinking about you and hoping that all is well after what you said.
How is Shayla? I hope her digestive problem was sorted out and that she is ok now?

Take care,
Lots of love

At 23/10/07 3:11 PM, Anonymous Hillary said...

I have a few heroes in my life and you Shayla are one of them. You are an amazing and strong person and you show so much passion and love in your blog entries that it gives others hope and support. I hope you never have to go through a loss like this again and always keep up that determination and enthusiasm for life. You are my hero and I’m pretty certain you are hundreds of others’ as well.


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