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Thursday, September 13, 2007

CT Memorial Lemonade Stand (9/19/07) Heidelberg College

September 2005: Christi and Dr. Grine talk with the education majors.
It is through tears I share the "sweetest" of news. Dr. Arnold-Grine, from the Education Department at Heidelberg College, called me last week so that I wouldn't be caught off guard when I came to campus to teach this week. She wanted to let me know that her students in EDU 344 and the CARE House were going to be holding "The Christi Thomas Memorial Lemonade Stand" outside of the Education Building on the anniversary of Christi's death: Wednesday, September 19th from 11-1PM.

I was glad she warned me ahead of time because upon entering the education building this week, I immediately spotted a cute yellow sign with a big lemon on it and I was NOT moved by sadness but by Heidelberg's incredible compassion. It says, "In loving memory of our little Lemonade Girl, who passed away on September 19th, 2006. Please come support pediatric cancer research by making a freewill donation and by having a cup of cold, sweet lemonade. All donations will go to Alex'd Lemonade Fund, a nonprofit organization supporting pediatric cancer research."

As I held up a sign and shared the news with my 'Berg students before I dismissed their class I said, "I know you are poor college students and you do not have an extra $1, 5 or 10 to donate, but please consider doing just that. Five years ago this week we sent our five year old off to school for the very first time. We thought she was perfectly healthy. Ten days later she had a fever and was limping and never returned to school again that year. No child should ever suffer like Christi did and no family should ever have to endure all that is involved with a cancer diagnosis. A cure for cancer must be found and it's only going to come through research. Dollars add up, please stop by next week, if you can."

For anyone who may be in the area next Wednesday, please stop by the Education Department. I know Christi would be so proud! THANK YOU!

September 2004: Christi pours the lemonade at the Berg Students' Christi & Alex's Lemonade Stand.


At 13/9/07 7:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is so sweet that they will be doing this in honor of sweet christi. Will they have a website to donate to in honor of this stand or will it be better to just go throgh the alex's lemonade stand website?

At 13/9/07 10:54 AM, Anonymous Melissa said...

If possible, can you please provide an address that I could send a donation to for Christi's lemonade stand? I would love to chance to take part in some way.

Thank You!

At 13/9/07 9:58 PM, Blogger Mrs. B said...

Stay strong, Angela! I know you probably don't feel like you are, but you're doing beautifully as you move forward and continue to honor your dear daughter and share her message of love, hope, and selflessness with the world. Give Shayla and Shayne lots of hugs, and know that your family is always in our prayers!

At 13/9/07 10:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I check on you all so often and I am amazed by your strength! Your love for Christi and Shalya shines so brightly!
I was not for sure if you had heard about a bunch of dads doing a cross country bike ride to raise awareness for neuroblastoma research... It is called the Loneliest Road. I think that you can find them if you google the lonliest road. They also have somthing on youtube. I am sure that you all have heard of it... I just wanted to make sure.
We think about you and pray for your strength! May Christi give you lots of signs this next week that she is still with you, watching over you all!
Kristi Bridgewater

At 13/9/07 10:18 PM, Blogger Olivia said...

What Heidelberg is doing in Christi's honor is so very touching. This entry, like so many, brought tears to my eyes. Do you know if an online "Lemonade Stand" is also being created? I would love to contribute to their efforts, if that's possible.

Thinking of you all ans sending much love,

At 14/9/07 12:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Of course we all wish that seh could be there in person but this will be a great tribute to her memory and will benefit a wonderful cause!

At 14/9/07 9:47 PM, Anonymous Laura Lynn said...

What an amazing gift the Heidelberg community is! I wish I lived closer and could participate in their great tribute. It is so hard to believe that it has almost been a year since your amazing girl made her journey. Please know that I continue to pray for you and think of Christi often. What an incredible legacy she has left in the hearts of so many of us.

My two little miracle nephews:

At 2/10/07 11:59 AM, Anonymous Margot Hutchison said...

Thomas Team,

We were thinking of all of you yesterday and sweet Christi. I'm going out to buy the boys some Hank the Cowdog books in her honor today.

Sorry to hear you have to weather something new in your lives. Sending stregnth and love.

Much Love,
The Hutchisons


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