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Thursday, March 19, 2009


I'll blame my teaching collegues for getting me into this one. (And thankfully I absolutely LOVE it!) I believe my home decorating is now complete. This week the "Upper Case Living" (wall stickers, basically) items I ordered from Jamie arrived and she came over and put them up for me. The difference is amazing! It's amazing what they did to my walls. They look so classy. If you are interested, this is her website:

Cherish Yesterday, Dream Tomorrow, LIVE TODAY! These words are a subtle tribute to Christi. We have great memories; we dream about being with her again and we know she'd want us to LIVE life now.

The laundry room is now complete. With three "messy photos" of the girls hanging down the wall in this room, it only seemed proper to have "Loads of Love" put on the wall. I love it! (Shayne said, "Weren't all of those photos taken while I was babysitting and you came home and saw the mess?" I'm willing to bet I gritted my teeth, took the photos and then carried the girls right to the bathtub!)

The upstairs bathroom is now complete! (Someone jumped in this photo last night just as I was taking it. She's a hoot!)

This one brought the most "conversation" at our house. Shayne saw it and said, "Ahhhh, thanks for putting my name on your bedroom wall." (He often falls asleep on the couch and never makes it to bed.) Shayla's first sentence was, "Hey! Where's my name?" We reminded her that she had TWO bedrooms down the hall and even though she often ends up with us, it's NOT her room. Then an "orb" appeared in this photo making me think Christi was with us last night when we were all three sitting on the bed laughing and laughing about the words I had put up.


At 20/3/09 10:41 AM, Blogger snekcip said...

Angela I LOVE THE WALL MURALS!! I went to the website immediately and really LOVED the one over your bed! I could not FIND THAT ONE, which tab did you use to find that one? I will check Christi's site again for your reply...okay going "shopping some more"!! THX FOR THE INFO!!!

At 20/3/09 2:08 PM, Blogger Olivia said...

Love the pictures! The renovations to the house are amazing.


At 21/3/09 8:14 AM, Blogger Lisa D :) said...

I'm loving all these words and quotes Angela. In fact, my house is full of words too! Blessings, Family, and my favorite "Because Nice Matters", among many others throughout my home! I find words in my home to be a great reminder to live life to the fullest and to appreciate all we have, especially when there are challenges. I love the photo of Shayla popping into the bathroom photo! She is too funny!


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