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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

MRI Complete

This picture was taken AFTER the MRI was conducted. (Notice the smile.) Prior to it and during it she was very scared. Afterwards she told me that she worried about getting pulled down the tunnel and not knowing what was at the end of it and that it reminded her of being on a roller coaster. (She does not like big roller coasters.) She also told me the first song I put on her iPod was "No Child Left Untested" and she thought I accidentally put all of my (boring) songs on her iPod, but then the next song and all of the rest were hers. Whew! Hee hee! I waited out in the waiting room and read for my dissertation work and tried not to remember how many times I did this with Christi.

(Christi Napping at Children's Hospital, 2002, age 5)Various times this afternoon Shayla said things like, "Poor Christi! Mom, she was only five when she started having to do that. I'm ten and I hated it! You must have been so sad not being able to hold her hand. She was so little." I told her about the very first MRI Christi had and that she screamed and carried on so much they had to shut it down in the middle of the test and come and get us out of the cafeteria at Children's Columbus where we were so exhausted we had fallen asleep sitting up against the wall. She asked if that was when Christi drew that scary picture where she was by herself and strangers were sticking needles at her. I told her, "No, but that was another time for different tests."

We also went to her first PT session this afternoon. She really likes Terry so it was nice to be back. Unfortunately, scheduling appointments 3X a week is going to be more challenging than I expected, but we'll do what we can. Terry made the mold of her feet for the orthopedic inserts for her shoes. I was surprised that they're over $300 and insurance won't cover them. When I was debating in my mind whether to have them made or not I decided to go ahead because I haven't spent any money on Christi's shoes in 2 1/2 years so why not get Shayla what she needs for her very high arches.

I did not mean to leave anyone hanging. The manager at Wal-Mart told Shayla she would call her before the end of April to let her know of the decision. She filled out all of the paperwork by herself, but I checked it to make certain the phone numbers were all correct. I was really proud of her as I thought many of my seventh grade students would not have the guts to do what she did. And she was so sweet...."If you can't donate, we understand. Maybe you could give us a certain percentage off of the gold fish price or buy two get one free or something. We will make posters to let people know Wal-Mart helped us, etc."

(PIC: Dec. 2002, Reading to Christi - age 5) Since Shayne is in Texas for a couple more days we're going to stay up late reading in bed tonight, sleep in tomorrow, go to breakfast at Bob Evans, meet with the orthopedic doctor for Shayla's 8:45 appointment to see what the MRI showed and then head to school. After school, four of my high school girl friends are coming over to our house. First I'll give them a tour of the new school. Can't wait!


At 31/3/09 3:49 PM, Blogger Sarah said...

I'm glad Shayla got through the MRI. Praying for good results!!

At 1/4/09 8:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

She's innovative! Though I'm slightly intrigued to know what a goldfish toss actually is... enlighten us?!

Glad the MRI went well - let's hope the diagnosis brings good news too.


At 1/4/09 9:19 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


If they won't donate, let all of your fans know! I would send you some money to go buy goldfish with! :-)

Sara in Atlanta

At 2/4/09 5:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

well im happy that everything is ok with shayla┬┤s MRI :)
she is more courageus than me ...i hate MRIs :)

kisses from susana(portugal)


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