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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tigers to Falcons

I had the sweetest, yes, the sweetest surprise on Monday at work. Four of my former students were touring BGSU as "Prospective Students". Imagine my shock and surprise to see "my old kids" walking down the hall from my office! I really couldn't believe it! I was so flattered they came to find me; campus is huge. I had a great time sitting in my office (and also getting a bite to eat) just catching up with them. They are wonderful men and women! I couldn't believe how tall they are now! Where does time go?!

Regardless of whether they come to BGSU or not (and I think three are a definite YES), I hope they know I will never invade their space or their privacy, and I hope they always know they can count on me for help if they ever want or need it. (And let's face it, what college kid wouldn't like a free meal off campus?!) Seriously, I am so blessed! I tell my BGSU students quite often how rewarding teaching is as a career and I hope that they are as blessed in theirs as I have been in mine. Monday's visitors proved it to me again! Thanks, kiddos! Hope to see you back on campus as Falcons this fall! (NO, you can't borrow my faculty parking pass. That's where I draw the line! hee hee!)


At 18/2/10 1:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't know if you follow this little girl, but thought you might want to.

At 18/2/10 1:59 PM, Anonymous Gin Bogert said...

Hey Angela, Just checking in to see how you were all doing...Shayla is getting SO big and her room is gorgeous! Cangrats on finally getting your dissertation done and getting your much deserved degree! You are truly amazing! Glad things are going well for all of you!
Gin Bogert


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