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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Thanks, Bloggers! She had a great Bday!

Thank you sweet Bloggers for all of the kind birthday wishes! Shayla had a great day (well, except for forgetting the lunch I packed her and her valentine candies to pass out at the class party - but....LOL), she still said it was a fantastic day! Go, Shay, Go! I love your attitude!

After school she was able to visit with her grandma Nee Nee and her aunt V and also her second cousin - what a little cutie.

Then she had two friends over and they played, played, played until I told them to roll out their sleeping bags I was going to bed. (OK, most likely they played long after that, but I wouldn't know. I fell asleep.....and found all sorts of curling irons, brushes and make up on the bathroom counter this morning, interesting.)

I drove through "Cold Stone" before I left BG on Friday afternoon. I just had to buy these amazing cupcakes/ice cream treats for the girls. And I thought everyone should get to blow out a candle, not just the birthday girl. She's already spoiled. Thank the Lord she doesn't act like it! I cannot believe how sweet, thoughtful and incredibly considerate she continues to be. Her maturity amazes me. Thanks be to God!

Saturday brought basketball and then sledding with aunt V and the little princess who had never seen snow before - much less THIS MUCH of it. FUN, FUN, FUN! It ended with two more friends spending the night. Family, friends - true blessing in life! Thank you everyone!

Thank you, dear Lord for this amazing gift you've richly blessed us with! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SHAYLA!


At 13/2/10 8:00 PM, Blogger She Became A Butterfly said...

HAPPY BDAY SHAYLA!!! And I LOVE your new room!

~Nikki from the NB Blogathon

At 13/2/10 8:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

do you mind me asking what happend to shyla's glasses she dose not seem to be wearing them any more

At 13/2/10 9:20 PM, Blogger Danielle Luc said...

happy birthday SHAYLA!!!!

kati and i looked for you at the bowling alley today but we heard you couldnt make it. sorry we missed you!


At 14/2/10 5:36 AM, Anonymous Amber said...

Looks like Shayla had a blast!!! Can't believe She's 11, Where did that time go! All my Love, Amber Xx

At 14/2/10 8:39 AM, Blogger Amy said...

Happy Belated Birthday Shayla!! I love the new bedroom and the scrapbook is amazing!!

At 14/2/10 10:06 AM, Blogger Lisa D :) said...

Such a sweetheart of a young lady deserves a sweetheart of a day! So very glad you had a wonderful birthday Shayla.


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