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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Thanks, Scrapping Bloggers (or blogging scrappers?)

Thank you so much for your great tips, suggestions and questions. Shayla has responded in bold face type. Thanks to another snow day today, she can work on her 4H projects again. She LOVED answering your questions and learning from you. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

Dear Shayla,

I have the most basic question: What exactly IS a scrapbook? (Sorry, that might sound stupid, but I'm from Europe and have never heard of something like that!). To me it looks like a sort of diary. What are you supposed to put into it? Does it have a topic? Or can you put in anything you like?

A scrapbook is basically a collection of photos and stickers or even little keepsakes you received while doing your activity or event that the scrapbook page is about. Your scrapbook can be events of a year or there can be a topic like one year I did theatre, or they can be about just one single event such as the county fair.

I think, that Shayla did an amazing job and as I am going to be an English teacher for German teenagers one day I think that I will keep this idea as an inspiration.

Take care, all of you,

Irene left a new comment on your post "SSS: Shay's Scrapbook Suggestions":

Dearest Shayla, it does my heart good to see you scrapbooking and enjoying it so much! As you know, I've been scrapbooking for about 15 years and I love it too! I do have a couple of questions for you... 1) What is your favorite subject to scrapbook?
My favorite scrapbook topic would be anything with really pretty scenery.
Why is this your favorite? Because I can add lots of really pretty stickers and mount it with really pretty paper and try to make it look really cool.
2) What is your favorite scrapbook product to use and why? I like stickers because they can really change the effect of the page whether you want it to be glamours or whether you want it to be funny.
It was so nice seeing your pages again. Keep up the fabulous work and I definitely will be shocked if you don't get a first place ribbon!

Great big hugs to you Shay!

Dear Shayla,

Thanks for letting us have a chance to comment on your scrapbooking! We don't have anything like it in Ireland (or, at least, it is not as popular as it seems to be in the US). When I was younger my grandmother's friend gave me an album that she had made out of pictures from greeting cards - perhaps that could be a source for you when you are looking for materials!

I have two questions:

First, your work looks so professional! How do you organise your scrapbook - is it by theme, or by date (like a diary)?

There really is no set way to organize your scrapbook, but I usually arrange mine by date.

Is it loose-leaved or a book bound together? I was thinking about what you said about re-doing pages and imagining that would be hard if it is bound together!

The scrapbook is bound together and then you have a whole bunch of plastic cases for the pages so you can add or take away some. So when you’re done with your pages you just slide them inside the scrapbook. There are other ways to do it, but that’s how I do mine.

Ok... maybe this makes it three questions...

How much do the pieces, like stickers etc, cost and where do you buy them?

Well, if an object isn’t on sale, it’s rather expensive. The stickers, depending if they are scrapbook stickers or just play stickers can range from $1 to $5 depending on how fancy it is. Paper goes on sale a lot so if it’s on sale it’s like $.50 a paper, but if it’s not on sale it’s $1 to $1.50. You need paper for mounting too so the paper cost adds up. We have a great scrapbooking store in Tiffin called “Scrap Happy” so I like to go there, but you can go to any craft store even Wal-Mart has paper. I also like to go to Hobby Lobby because they have all this great stuff, but it’s really far so I don’t get to go there often.
Best of luck with the project Shayla, I hope lots of people ask you questions so you do really well in 4-H!


Dear Shayla (and all of the Thomas team!),

I currently live in Greece, where scrap booking is not a big activity.
I am originally from the UK - where there too scrapbooking is not done much. Therefore my questions might seem quite basic (sorry!). Also please bear in mind we do not have craft shops or shops that sell scrap booking materials.

1) What materials do you need to scrapbook? I am guessing a book to put the pictures in, the paper, the photos and stickers etc to liven up the pages. What could one use, if one can't but a special scrap book?
Would a normal photo album work?

For scrapbooking, to make a basic scrapbook, you would need straight sharp scissors, colored papers, glue dots or glue tape, or rubber cement. Also, you need pens for labeling or a computer and you would need pictures and brochures and things from your trip or whatever you did. Then things you would want could include stickers that tie in with your theme. If you want your scrapbook to last a while you need to have acid free products. If it’s not acid free the papers will dissolve your pictures and things over the years.

I wouldn’t think a normal photo album would work because it’s usually divided into sections unless you cut your scrapbook pages into little sections. Then your pages would also be really tiny. I would also worry it wouldn’t be archive safe. I would suggest looking on-line for something.

2) How many pictures do you put to a page?
It depends on if you’re doing on page or two pages together. It also depends on how big your pages are and how big your pictures are and how many accessories and other things you have. I have put as little as one and as many as five on a page. Arrange it and trust you eye. Go with what looks good and don’t be afraid not to use all of the pictures. Too many things on a page makes it look cluttered.

3) How long does it take to complete a scrapbook? I know the answer will depend on how big the scrap book is - so for a small scrapbook with just a few pages how long does it take?

Well, a page that’s just getting the pictures mounted and down and just printing out the labels takes maybe an hour. Then I put it in the scrapbook plastic sheet, but I know it’s not really “done” but I wait until something hits me, like I get an idea, or something catches my eye for it then I will maybe add a few stickers or change something until I’m completely happy with it.

Thank you Shayla in advance for your answers to my questions - and if after your advice I start scrap booking, I will have you to thank!

with lots of love to all of you
Isabel x


I'm sure you use acid free paper and glue products for your scrap booking projects. I don't know if you can answer this, but it's been bugging me since scrap booking has become an art........

What is in acid free adhesive ("sticky") products that makes them acid-free? No clue! Good question! I do know that without it your paper and photos will fade and wouldn’t be preserved very well.
What was used before acid free products became the norm and why was it harmful?
(I think it has something to do with the way the paper can break down..??)

Finally-this is just a fun question......what do you think will be your next scrap booking project? Are you thinking an overall theme now that you know what the process involves?
No, I really haven’t started thinking about what I want to do next year yet.


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