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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Let the Celebrations Begin!

While I was traveling home on Saturday, Shayne took Shayla and two of her friends from dance to see Disney on Ice. They loved it! A client of Shayne's had given him four tickets (and to the VIP Suite no less) so it was a great way to kick off Shay's birthday week.
I heard the ice skating show was amazing.
Then it was back to our home for some treats. I made it home in time for them to perform their "dance show" they created before we took the friends home. Shaylauary continues to go well. Miss Shay is enjoying her second "snow day" of the year. She'd been waiting all year for her first one - now two in the week of her birthday, wow! Christi was always disappointed she had to stay home from school due to snow days, but not Shayla. Bring it on! (More bday events are coming soon!)


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