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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Thank you!

Thank you so much for all of the kind birthday wishes! She had a great day - and she's having a great "Shaylauary". Driving home from the airport she had no idea there was a surprise in store. Aunt Marty and Uncle Jeff drove over to have a birthday dinner celebration! It was great! She opened presents and we all watched "Secretariat" on DVD.
Thanks, sweet Aunt V! You are so thoughtful! She loved the new car for the train you've created for her every year! THANKS!

Thanks for a great Surprise Birthday for Shayla!

A couple of orbs appeared in a couple of the bday pictures! In this one, it was time for the traditional "Hold the Baby" picture - we've done it every year. An "orb" showed up on Shayla's leg - amazing, simply amazing! Christi, sweet Christi, I have goosebumps!

How about her new show clothes?! She loves them - purple this year! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, sweet 12 year old Shayla!

Showmanship (bottom picture), and Horsemanship outfits for 2011! I just need to buy her a white cowboy hat and boots yet and she will be all set to compete in Western events! Cowgirl up!


At 14/2/11 8:26 AM, Anonymous Amber said...

Happy birthday, sweet, beautiful Shayla...I can't believe how grown up she is!! Xx

At 21/2/11 3:31 AM, Blogger Sammie Ryan said...

Aww Shayla i'm so glad there were more surprises for you when you got home.

Delighted you birthday went so well.

I love your new show clothes. You look fabulous in them. You are growing up so fast Shayla !

Lovely to see the orbs in the picture....darling little Christi never far away !

Love from Sam (Ireland)xxx


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