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Thursday, February 16, 2006

"Back on 3 South (oncology)"

As you can see, tonight we were moved down to oncology (3rd floor) and we are happy to be with familiar faces! Ahhhh! AND.......just this week computers with Internet access were installed into each room here so we're both THRILLED about that. (As I type, Christi is awake and happily playing PBS Cyberchase so I had to step out to update you via her blog.)

I hope we're on the road to recovery from the chemo. Tonight she's eating and sitting up playing on the computer. We Praise him!! We're praying for her counts to show an upward trend so that we can be discharged - most likely this weekend sometime. Then we'll go to join Grandma Nonee back at the Ronald House.

CHRISTI FUNNY: All day my sweet mother kept trying to get Christi to eat by offering her food. After she walked out of our room one time Christi looked at me and said, "She can be so annoying about that stuff." Seriously, having her here has been a total blessing! I can't even begin to describe the helpfulness and the comfort she's provided - even if she is annoying about eating (hee hee!).

CHRISTI'S JOKE: Maybe she'll be out of here by Saturday. She just gave me another joke. "Why do they say money doesn't grow on trees when banks have so many branches?"


At 16/2/06 11:30 PM, Blogger Lori Grine said...

Praise God to hear that Christi is sitting up and eating some...and even playing a little. Drastic difference since I saw her on Monday! Let's hope and pray this is an upward trend! Angela, I'm so glad your mom is there with you. Moms are very comforting, especially during trials. God bless you!
Love you,

At 17/2/06 12:32 AM, Blogger Anna said...

Yay, go Christi!

Hope she keeps feeling better and better (sounds like she's getting her apitite back).


At 17/2/06 12:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just checking in one last time before I go to bed. I am glad to hear that things are going okay. Tell Christi she is HILARIOUS, she is making me giggle tonight. Give her a hug, a big one, that girl deserves it. Take care.
Good Night:)

At 17/2/06 2:17 AM, Blogger Olivia said...


I hope you continue to feel better and that you get discharged soon! i was so happy to see the 'Christi funny' and 'Christi's joke' absolutely made my day.

You're in my thoughts in prayers as ever.

Much love,

At 17/2/06 7:03 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Christi sounds like your doing good. Grandma's are like this they want to see you feeling better . I have a web site you might like for children that are gifted . My Daughter is in the 4th grade and is highly gifted so she thought maybe you would like this website . Take care we will continue to pray your counts come up and you can go home .


At 17/2/06 7:05 AM, Blogger susan said...

God has heard our Prayers and has answered them. Thank you God she is feeling a bit better.

Dear Christi,

I am so happy to hear that your counts may be on the rise and you don't have to have anymore shots YEAH!!! and you got Grandma Nonee there to read to you and play games with, even if she does keep trying to feed you.....wink...
The thoughts and prayers are with youi all,
May God Bless and keep you safe.
Luv Ya Christi...susan

At 17/2/06 7:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Christi,
I'm glad you're feeling better. I hope the chemo got rid of the nasty cancer!!
I, too, love Jerry Spinelli books. I taught some of them to my sixth graders last year. My Check out to see if he's written other books that you will like. Some of them are good for older readers, so look at the synopsis before you choose one. His wife writes books, too. She writes children's picture books that the children in my kids' school check out a lot. Her name is Eileen Spinelli. They live here in eastern Pennsylvania, have six children and sixteen grandchildren!!
We are all praying for you to get well and discharged from the hospital very soon.

Lynne Wynn

At 17/2/06 8:27 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

GREAT news! PRAISE HIM!!!! What a trooper! Love the bank joke! I work for a bank, and I'll be sure to use that joke today at work. Glad you made it to the oncology floor! God is AWESOME and he hears our prayers! Keep fighting Christi. Lord heal Christi! Take every single ugly cancer cell away from her body! She has so much to offer this world!
Megan in NC

At 17/2/06 8:33 AM, Blogger HeatherB said...

Good Morning sweet gals,

I'm soo glad to hear that Christi is telling jokes and playing on the computer! I hope this is a good sign of things to come.

YIPEE for being able to get the medicine through her IV and no more icky shots. That is indeed good news.

Glad you are all back on 3 South where you are most comfy! :)

Lots of love, tons of prayers!!


At 17/2/06 9:12 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Angela, Thank you for updating us on Christi. I am so happy she is eating and playing!! All the prayers and chemo are working!! Keep strong and know we are all praying for you.
With Love, an NB mom

At 17/2/06 4:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's such a great news that Christi's improving!!!Goooo Christi!

And why is Christi's bed in the middle of a hallway beside an elevator? (At least that's what it looks like to me)


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