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Thursday, February 16, 2006

"Blood Transfusion Day"

The doctors examined Christi this morning and believe that her counts will come up; it’s just a matter of waiting this out – and then for Dr. Maris to decide what chemos and when to start with the next round. Fast decisions were being made during her rapid progression a couple weeks ago, and I know how hard you have to slap “a freight train” and I questioned Dr. Maris after he decided on the TVD combo. “Do you think you’re hitting her hard enough?” I told this morning’s doctors to let Dr. Maris know that– he hit her hard enough and I’ll stay out of his future decision making! She’s still down!

This morning’s blood counts were:
0.8 white (yikes, still no ability to fight infection now going on a week)
6.4 hemoglobin (whole red blood cell transfusion needed)
38 platelets (decreased)
ANC 0 (Yes, that is back to zero today, ugh.)

After Mom arrived, I went out for 40 minutes of fresh air. The temp is 65 in Philly today and I had a lovely walk. When I returned, Christi was SITTING UP, WATCHING PBS, and EATING much to my delight!!!!!! (I hadn’t witnessed that much activity in a week!) I said, “What’s this? I guess I should leave more often.” She softly said, “Pain meds, Mom”. She said she could eat some more soft food so I started offering everything I knew I could obtain even though I doubted if she’d still be hungry upon my return. She sent me back out – for Chinese food. Upon that return she wanted pepperoni which Nonee then obtained from the cafeteria. (Not exactly the foods I’d like after not eating for nine days, but guess to each his/her own. And I guess I’ve never gone nine straight days without food.) I hope she keeps up this new trend!

Grandma Nonee took phone calls and catered to Christi while I was out and then this afternoon she went to Barnes and Nobles for Christi’s latest book of interest. “Who Put that Hair on My Toothbrush?” by Jerry Spinelli. (So sweet, Ms. Chicago!) And speaking of hair, she noticed that her pillowcase was full of many strands of hair this morning. She says that her soft, pink cap Aunt Marty sent her makes her head feel better. She still says that her head feels like there are little pins sticking in it. And speaking of Aunt Marty, (leave it to my Godmother) she located a Siamese kitten from a breeder in Ohio and she’s willing to get it for her great niece. (Hold off, Aunt Marty! I’m afraid it’d lead to Shayla asking for a puppy next!!! Oh my!) I understand that during Shayla’s birthday party when Aunt Marty was visiting with Christi stuck in her bed she asked Aunt Marty for a Siamese kitten and told her, “Mom can’t control what other people get me for my birthday.” (Christi’s body may be exhausted, but her mind’s not. She knew to select another “Animal Lover” and one who is a big pushover!!)

Four weeks ago, our life was very different. I had booked a room at Cedar Point’s new hotel / indoor water park “Castaway Bay” for tonight since we don’t have school tomorrow. (They were having a $89.00 mid-week special which included a hotel room and two days of water park passes for four.) I’m saddened that Christi isn’t feeling better and that we’re not all together in Sandusky, Ohio tonight. Thanks, Paw Paw for calling “Castaway Bay” and canceling our reservation. (This indoor waterpark actually has an indoor roller coaster – we thought it’d be perfect for the little Cedar Point rollercoaster riding princess – Christi! Hopefully, another time. Regardless, it’s still sad. I miss Shayne and Shayla so much!)

The first unit of blood is now complete. We played “Clue” while she received it. Currently, the second unit is being put up.

GOOD NEWS: NO MORE SHOTS! They'll be able to give her the meds via her IV.


At 16/2/06 4:23 PM, Blogger HeatherB said...

Hello sweet Christi, Angela and Grandma Nonee,

Praying for you!! I hope and pray that the blood will help you feel better.

You keep eating sweetheart- chinese food is one of my favorites too. I like Chicken Fried Rice and egg rolls the best- how about you?

Praying hard for continued eating and an increase in those white cells.

Lots of love, tons of prayers!

I love you guys!!


P.S What a smart girl to ask Aunt Marty for the kitten, Aunts are BIG pushovers-or at least I am!! :)

At 16/2/06 4:25 PM, Anonymous Lisa Burt said...

The kitten story made me chuckle - you go Chrisitie, your methods are very inventive :))) I hope everyone has more good time - its great to know that Christie is eating something at last. Prayers as always for you Christie.XX

At 16/2/06 4:40 PM, Anonymous Dot O'Connor said...


Today, I visited the Shrine of St. Katherine Drexel (about 1/2 hour away from CHOP) with my son's sixth grade class in preparation for their confirmation in March. It was about 11:30 AM when I was kneeling in front of her crypt. We were told to ask St. Katherine to intervene on behalf of any special intention we had. I asked her to look out for Christi and to please help her to feel better soon. I hope it's working.

At 16/2/06 4:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh sweet Christi, how i admire your tenacity...(mom can't control what other people get me for my birthday)!! What a hoot you are! You go girl!

So glad to hear you've got some relief and you're eating. Many prayers for you, your loving family, and your incredible medical team.

Much Love, Jessica from California

At 16/2/06 4:50 PM, Blogger HeatherB said...

Hey Christi,

What kind of soft hat did Aunt Marty send and would you like others or some other type of hat? Just let me know and it's yours.

Angela- I think someone else asked and please yes let "us" know what types of things are most useful for you all in the hospital.

Lots of love,

At 16/2/06 5:02 PM, Anonymous Susie said...

Go Aunt Marty! :-) Well, who could deny another kitty in the house? Hopefully Christi will have her kitten sometime soon and perhaps Shayla won't ask for a puppy. Oh wait you guys are starting to be house full of animals, do you need mice or rats? hehe just kidding!

Glad to hear Christi is eating and sitting up!

Perhaps a goat?

At 16/2/06 5:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That girl amazes me. You can keep knocking her down but she just keeps getting back up! Go Christi, Go Christi. And MOM, let her have the kitty. ;)She is a good girl. (guilt trip, guilt trip)

At 16/2/06 5:33 PM, Anonymous Sylvia/Allentown said...

Oh Christi! If I would have known that you have never experienced a TastyKake, I would have delivered some to you myself! Did mom find them? Do you have a favorite? My favorite are the peanut butter KandyKakes and the Kofee Kakes!

Christi, I learn so much from you...and your jokes, well they are just the BEST! Thank you!

We are getting packed to leave first thing in the morning for Penn State...this is THON weekend! THON is the 48 hr dance marathon held every February at Penn solely by the benefit children with cancer. Our daughter Meghan is a "moraler" - meaning she helps to keep her assigned dancer awake for the 48! Our other daughter Michele will be donating her hair to Locks of Love. I'm hoping I will be able to stay awake for the 48! If you feel up to it Christi, check out the website at - there's a neat promo video on there. Honey, our prayers continue, I pray for you all through the night.
much love, sylvia xoxoxo

At 16/2/06 6:16 PM, Blogger Angela said...

Dear Angela,
Great that the medicament is going in through her port now instead of the nasty shots and that she's started eating again. Surely once she starts eating again her counts should soon go up?
How nice that your aunt wants to get Christi the Siamese kitten!! Shayla already has more pets than Christi so she can't ask for a puppy!! Cat's are so nice, have you ever had one? They are so intelligent, it's fun having them. One of our two cats walks to the door and touches the door with her right paw to show us that she wants to go out!! I thought that was clever and couldn't believe it when a few weeks ago she walked up to the fridge and put her paw onto the fridge door!!! I guess she wanted something to eat or some milk!!
Cat's are usually clean when they come into the house, so not much trouble, honestly!!!
Praying for improvement for Christi, lots of love

At 16/2/06 6:53 PM, Blogger denise brooks said...

Dear Angela, We are praying for things to go well. I am so amazed at Christi's sense of humor and your strength. I am so glad your mother is with you. Please know that your family is in so many hearts here in Ohio and around the world. God Bless. Denise Brooks

At 16/2/06 7:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am so glad that Christi is doing better. I hope that sometime you get to go to Castaway Bay. I used to work their when it was The Radisson and I have been their since and it is really nice. Hope you are able to get back to the GREAT Ohio Weather Soon


At 16/2/06 7:45 PM, Blogger The Farrell Family said...

Dear Thomas Family -

We are praying for the day when you all can be under one roof again, with two very active and healthy children!!! We continue to "pray without ceasing" for Christi's complete healing on earth!

We hope that tomorrow is a good day for you all!

God bless the precious Thomas Family!

Love -
Rob, Amy, Emily, and Ryan Farrell

At 16/2/06 7:55 PM, Blogger Brigid and Celie said...

You are the Coolest, Christi!
Keep up the great work!

Go Thomas Team!!

Brigid and Celie

At 16/2/06 8:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Christi, It sounds like you are feeling a little better. You go girl. So glad to read the your Grandma is with you and mom. Keep eating what you can. I know your very strong. God Bless all of you. Ellen

At 16/2/06 8:47 PM, Blogger Swinging Sammy said...

My prayers are with you and your family. God Bless.

At 16/2/06 8:48 PM, Blogger The Adams' said...

Yea, Christi!! So happy to hear you had a better day today! Blessings, The Adams'

At 16/2/06 10:08 PM, Anonymous Stephanie Lewis (aka Hannah and Hayden's Mom) said...

Good evening Thomas Team - the hugs continue from Texas - my eight year old and I would love to send something to Christi and her sister and was wondering if you could give us an address

At 16/2/06 10:34 PM, Anonymous Eliza, san fran said...

Through those grainy photos, I can see how beat up Christi is feeling and my heart aches for her, for you Angela and for your whole family.

I am sorry you can't all be together at such a hard time and that Christi is feeling so very ill. I just pray that the treatment is doing its job.

I told my friends the circle and triangle joke - it was a big hit! So I thought I'd end with one my friend sent back to me:

What did the zero (0) say to the eight (8)?
"Hey, where'd ya get that cool belt?"


Keep laughing Christi! It's the world's best medicine.

Keeping you all in my heart and praying for better days ahead.

Much love,

At 16/2/06 11:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Praying for more good news tomorrow. SOOOOOOO glad Christi doesn't need to get those shots again! Praise HIM! Glad she was able to eat a little today. Bless her heart!!!! Praying all the time for you guys. Lord hear my prayer. Heal sweet Christi!
Megan in NC


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