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Thursday, February 16, 2006


Wednesday was a long day for Christi. I’m thankful that the narcotics were keeping her comfortable for the most part. She had a lot of eye pain and her mouth/throat aches from the mouth sores so it felt best to her to keep her eyes closed and to listen to us read to her. (My mom has been a Godsend!) Nonee finished “Maniac Magee” which was based in Philadelphia. Today, after Nonee arrives here from the Ronald House, I shall walk to a Wa Wa Store – named after a Penn. town and try to buy a package of “Tasteecakes” mentioned throughout the book so I can show Christi. (And hopefully temp her to try to eat something. As of three days ago, she already lost three pounds. I think that’s a lot when you don’t weigh so much to start with. Three more days of eating nothing and I’m certain she’s dropped even more.) I started reading “Things Not Seen” by one of her favorite authors Andrew Clements. Other than two 30 minute episodes yesterday (once in the morning to play “Chutes and Ladders” with Nonee and once last night sitting up to do some art which was lovingly sent here) she’s been flat on her back – only getting up to use the restroom.

I know she’s miserable, yet yesterday little “Christi moments” gave me smiles and brief moments of joy. While one doctor was examining her, I heard a little “meow”. The doctor thought she cried and he asked, “Does it hurt there? When did it start?” She did it again and finally I felt sorry for the doctor so I told him she was cuddling with a beanie baby cat and he must have squashed it while examining Christi’s body. After he apologized to the kitty, Christi moved its paws to wave to the doctor indicating kitty was ok and forgave him. So funny! Another time a nurse was working with her IV pole and out of nowhere Christi said, “What did the triangle say to the circle? Your life is so pointless.” Another nurse received, “What did the 90 degree angle say to the 91 degree angle? You’re so obtuse.”

Before the wonderful Nurse Practitioner Pat Brophy was grilled by Christi, she was asked “Why can’t you do a white cell transfusion on me?” and Pat did a fabulous job of explaining why that wouldn’t work and how they believe she’s going to get her white cells back up on their own. Late last night while rubbing Christi’s back she said, “Tomorrow I’m asking Dr. Pat how the shots help me because not all medicines work on me and maybe they aren’t working – so why should I have to keep getting them?” (many tears) Other than that – flat on her back, not feeling well the entire day and night.

Unfortunately, her white count came back yesterday and it was even lower than it was the night before when it was taken in the ER. This meant she had to receive the dreaded shot again last night. She told me of a few dreams she had – mainly about food and about her Great Aunt Marty. She also told us that while we are reading to her she’s building imaginary Lincoln log homes in her mind. (Sometimes we have to back up our reading because she’ll explain her mind took off with the Lincoln long project. What a hoot! What talent!) Hopefully, today will be a better day.

Blood Counts from Tuesday, Feb. 14th in ER:
1.2 white
8.3 hemoglobin
69 platelets

Blood Counts from Wednesday, Feb. 15th:
0.6 white (yikes)
9.8 hemoglobin
42 platelets (decreased)
ANC 18 (Yes, SOMETHING, FINALLY! I pray we’re on our way back up.)

I’ll update later today after we receive blood counts, a doctor’s exam and hopefully are moved down to the oncology floor.


At 16/2/06 11:00 AM, Blogger HeatherB said...

Hi Sweetheart! (and Mommy and Nonee too),

I'm so sorry to hear that you are not feeling well. I'm praying that your white count gets up soon on it's own so you won't have to have those dreaded shots anymore. You're soo brave!

What a smart girl you are to ask Dr. Pat all of those questions. It's important to keep those doctors on their toes.

Have Mommy give you a hug and a kiss from me.

I love you all!!

With love and prayers,

At 16/2/06 11:17 AM, Anonymous Lisa Burt said...

Hi Christie, I think asking questions is great! Sometimes its easier to put up with stuff you don't like if you understand why you have to put up with it! I found some hospital jokes for you...Doctor, Doctor I feel like a needle.
I see your point !
Doctor, Doctor I feel like a pack of cards.
I'll deal with you later !
Doctor, Doctor I feel like a pair of curtains
Well pull yourself together then
Doctor, Doctor I feel like a spoon !
Well sit still and don't stir !
Doctor, Doctor I feel like an apple.
We must get to the core of this !
Doctor, doctor, I feel I'm a ball of string.
Oh, get knotted!
Doctor, doctor, I feel I'm transparent.
Yes, I can see you're not all there.
Doctor, doctor, I feel like a bucket.
You do look a little pail.
Saying prayers for you every day little one...

At 16/2/06 12:14 PM, Blogger Chris Garverick said...

Hello Thomas Team! I've been keeping up with your blogs, and have been sending well wishes your way. Stay strong, you are in our prayers. ~The Garverick's

At 16/2/06 12:49 PM, Anonymous lydia leslie said...

So sorry she's still feeling poorly. Have they given her anything for the mouth sores like they do in transplant when your count goes to 0? I can't remember what they gave Nick. He had something prevenitive (maybe good for the next treatments) and he also had a lidicane sp?? mixture something like you get at the dentist. I'm sure you've tried things like this. Just wanting to fix her. Still Praying.


At 16/2/06 2:31 PM, Anonymous Claire said...

I got to your website somehow through many caringbridge pages, and I have been praying for Christi even though I don't know any of you. My brother needed MANY doses of neupogen/gcsf during his 2 protocols, and the only shot he ever had to get was his flu shot! So I hope you don't mind me giving you some advice/getting into your business, and maybe there's some reason why your dr's aren't doing it the shot-free way, but it seems like she shouldn't have to get shots if there's a better way! At the hospital they can give it as a 30 minute infusion on an infusion pump through her line. When you're at home, your home health company can send you the syringe and the infusion pump so you can give her the GCSF through a central line or an accessed port, or they can send you (although they may not want to because I'm sure it costs more) a little eclipse ball of GCSF that collapses on itself and infuses the GCSF through her line without even using a pump! We live in Atlanta, but surely this can be done in other hospitals too! I hope this helpful, sorry if this is info you already know and cannot use!
Love and prayers,

At 16/2/06 2:59 PM, Blogger nikki the red said...

what's the hospital's address?>

At 16/2/06 5:09 PM, Blogger Angela said...

Dear Angela and Shayne,

Glad to hear that Christi's ANC is coming back up, I hope the white cell count will soon improve and that as somebody else suggested perhaps meanwhile she could receive the medicament through her port? It's awful to think of her receiving the dreaded shots.
How wonderful that she is still cracking jokes, and building houses in her mind!!! WHAT A GIRL!!!!!! She is amazing, a very clever little soul, who would believe that she is only 8 years old!!
I pray to God that the chemo will do it's job and kill the cancer and save this dear little one.

I hope you are managing to sleep this time Angela, it's great that your mother is there to help you. Take care,
Love Angela

At 16/2/06 9:07 PM, Blogger California Friend said...

Ooooo, I grew up in Pennsylvania & I can tell you that TastyKakes are WONDERFUL!!! My favorite is the chocolate iced with chocolate, but the butterscotch krimpets run a close second! (The Peanut Bitter Tandy Kakes aren't bad either! :-)
Did you manage to get some?? If not, PLEASE let me know...I still have Pennsylvania connections!! ;-)
In the meantime, just having read both of today's posts, I'm so glad that Christi still has her sense of humor (how DOES she do it??) and especially that the needles are a thing of the, let's all cheer GO ANC!!!!!!!!!

Love & hugs from CA,


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