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Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Whew! As one can note via the time of this entry, it was an incredibly long day to say the very least. (OK, I won't say the very least - I need to vent!! Here goes!)

The flight went off without a hitch. (We actually landed 35 minutes AHEAD of schedule.) The amazing and compassionate Mr. Grant was even already there waiting to help with our luggage while I pushed Christi - sleeping the entire day away. (The only time she was awake today was during her brief apperance at school.) Mom was already there too. Things were looking good.....

Tim carefully drove us to CHOP (AGAIN with Mr. Grant's driving no car sickness!!) and dropped me off for what turned out to be a lovely (smile) seven plus hour stay in the sparkling clean and germ free (hee hee) emergency room at CHOP. (UGH! Yes, I'm venting!!) Then Tim took Mom to go check in at the Ronald House and she came back to the hospital for about an hour before catching the last shuttle back to Ronald. When I asked her how the room was she said, "It's in the middle of a wall." Ah, a hobo room! (hee hee!)

In the ER we discovered that Christi had a 39.2 (C) fever. They asked me how long she had the fever. (I didn't know she had one until we got there - perfect timing on our part, but I can't take any of the credit.) Her blood counts came back with a lowered hgb. (8.4). It was 11.4 yesterday; however, there is some question as to if that was accurate at home or not. Platelets up to 69 after yesterday's transfusion. Her white count went from 1.1 yesterday to 1.2 today so she bawled when she found out her ANC was still zero and there wasn't enough movement to avoid getting the shot. More crying spells occured when the first port wasn't put in correctly and it had to be taken out and accessed the second time. (It's not just the needles, but because of all of Christi's recent treatments, her chest is so red and tender.)

So in our seven hours spent in the ER, she was unable to get a pillow or to get comfortable on the stretcher while the meds were pumped in; therefore, I started and nearly finished "Maniac MaGee" by Jerry Spinelli (another "Christi Recommended" book) while she tried to rest. (And while crazy to say I think she's "better" than I've seen her in days! I stopped her pain meds tonight so we'll see how the night goes.)

We're not able to get in down on the oncology floor so we're up here on four. When a room becomes available I was told they'll move her down; however, being without an immune system she's in a special isolated room so I'm not holding my breath.

I'm anxious to hear what Dr. Maris has to say tomorrow. I think after talking with the doctor tonight a CT scan of her chest will be conducted. She did an Xray in the ER tonight. (She also ate a little bit of food, possibly more than she has in the past seven days!)

OK, now I feel better and I hope that I sleep better tonight than I have in recent days! I'm sorry this update was such a downer with my "bad attitude" tonight! We pray tomorrow will be a good day!

Missing Shayne and Shayla and so happy my Mom is here,


At 15/2/06 1:56 AM, Blogger California Friend said...

Isn't it something that no matter HOW old we get, having mom around is still such a comfort? So glad that both Christi & Angela both have mom nearby! (And Shayla is in the MORE than competent hands of Mr. Mom who's in the more than competent hands of Nee Nee.) Looks like all the bases are covered; now all we need is for Christi to feel better!!

Love & hugs from CA.

At 15/2/06 3:07 AM, Anonymous Susie said...

Thomas Team,

Sorry to hear about the seven hour ER stay. But glad she has a bed, and getting the medical care she needs.

Praying super hard,

At 15/2/06 3:24 AM, Anonymous David & Tami from Oklahoma said...

My eyes flew open at 1:00 am and the Lord was letting me know to pray for you. I don't know you guys, but was introduced to your site by a dear friend in a similar situation. Your current post was not even up yet, so it was wild to see now that you are awake also. My wife and I are new to your story, so that only adds to the amazement that God can wake strangers to pray for you. Rest easy - God is in control, and he is calling on people to pray for you that you don't even know.

Praying for your good rest...

David & Tami

At 15/2/06 6:39 AM, Blogger susan said...

Dear Thomas's

My thoughts and prayers are with you all. I do hope the Dr.'s are able to help Christi to feel better, she is an amazing young girl. I so just want her to be well, to feel better. It's no wonder she is sleeping alot, God Bless her little heart.
I am glad to hear that she has eaten a bit of food, baby steps.

In my prayers,,. susan

At 15/2/06 6:42 AM, Anonymous Lisa Burt said...

Prayers for you sweetheart. Hope you can have some good times today.

At 15/2/06 7:03 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hang in there I think I would have a bad attitude also . Having a sick child is very hard . I want you all to have a great day and we will continue to pray for good news . Christi I love your pink cap that is adorable matter of fact you look good in pink .


At 15/2/06 7:44 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

To Shayla: I have never heard of any two girls stronger than you and your sister. I know this has to be hard for you, beeing away from your parents and your sister, who you love so much. I know how you feel. When I was a kid, my brother was also very sick, and it was very hard for me staying away from my family. But no matter what, you have to remember that your parents love you as much as Christi. Christi just need a little more help right now, but they will always love you, no matter what. And I know it's breaking their hearts having to stay away from you so much, but unfortunately, there's nothing they can do.
And I'm also sure that Christi knows she has the best sister in the whole world. Sometimes life doesn't end up the way we want, but we still have to try and make the best out of it. And I think you do that. She's lucky to have you as a sister, Shayla. And you are lucky to have her.
PS: happy birthday! (I heard you had a birthday a couple of days ago :)

Christi: I've been following your fight these last couple of week, and I'm truly amazed. Never have I heard of a girl with so much strength as you have shown, again and again.
Hurry up and get weel soon, so we can see more of those amazing ballet--lessons :) okay?

To her parents: My hats off to you. You are the definition of wonderparents. Nobody ask of you to be perfect, they just ask you to try. And you try more than anybody else.
Thank you for beeing an inspiration.

At 15/2/06 7:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We continue to pray for you, sweet Christi!!! Shayla, you too are a brave soul! Angela and Shane, sending you prayers as well!!

At 15/2/06 8:07 AM, Blogger Brigid and Celie said...

Good Morning, Christi! We hope you start to feel better on this sunny day! We said extra extra prays for you and Shayla and your mommy and daddy and Dr. Maris and all your doctors and nurses.

Brigid and Celie

At 15/2/06 8:39 AM, Blogger HeatherB said...

You vent all you want my sweet friend! If anyone has a right to that it's you.

I hope that Christi had a decent night and that Mommy was able to get some rest as well.

I'll be anxious as well to hear what Dr. Maris thinks when he sees her today.

Praying always and thinking of you and holding you close to my heart!

I love you all!!

Love and prayers,


P.S. Please have Grandma give you and Christi a big giant hug from me!

At 15/2/06 8:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Angela -
I am so sorry to hear that you had such a long rotten day yesterday - hoping today will be better.

Christi -
I am praying for you to have immediate relief from the pain that you have been experiencing. You are such a strong and beautiful young lady. It has been fun to hear about all the books you have been reading - definitely some of my favorites! Keep fighting sweetheart - God is on your side!

Last night when I was tucking my 11 year old daughter into bed, she asked me why I was following Christi's story so closely and why I couldn't just let it go. I told her that all I know is that God led me to Christi's site and has placed a giant burden on my heart for her. How cool is it that God uses people that you don't even know to lift you up in prayer?

Thinking of you always and praying for healing.


At 15/2/06 10:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh Angela,
My heart breaks for you and Shayne. It's quite ok to not be positive all the time. Don't apologize! As a mother of a almost 8 year old boy, I can't imagine what you must be going through. Now that I think about it, my son Tanner is right in the middle of Christi and Shayla! His birthday is March 5th. I'm thinking of you and holding you close in prayer! Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you guys!
"Children are the hands by which we take hold of Heaven." H. Beecher

Megan in NC

At 15/2/06 10:30 AM, Blogger HeatherB said...

Sending tons of love and many prayers to CHOP for all of you.

I love you girls!

Love and prayers for always,

At 15/2/06 10:31 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have never signed your guestbook, but came across Christi's website a few years ago, and have followed her journey and prayed for her daily. My heart is breaking for your family, and I am stepping up the prayers in hopes that God will hear my voice and send Christi some relief and you some good news.

Diana from Arizona

At 15/2/06 1:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thoughts and prayers are with you always......hugs!!!!


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