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Friday, February 17, 2006

"A Good Night"

She stayed up late last night munching and playing on the computer. After midnight I told her I was going to sleep and to tell me when she was ready to have me unplug her IV pole and get her back into her bed. About 2:00 AM I heard her say, "Why don't astronauts eat in space? Because they had a big launch!" And then I heard a response, "Are you always this cheerful?" It was from her sweet night nurse so I rolled over knowing Danny had everything under control. Hopefully, she'll have a good day too!

I'm anxious to see her blood counts this morning. I'm hoping she has an ANC and we may be out of here soon! (Praying hard!) A doctor came in just a bit ago, but when he saw she was still sleeping he said he'd be back later. (I explained she was up late playing last night.) I'm hoping to be at Ronald by Sunday, visiting with Dr. Maris on Monday and hopefully on a plane back to Ohio late Monday or Tuesday where I think we'll be able to stay for about a week before returning. (That's MY plan; we'll see what the docs have in mind. I know it all depends upon her blood counts.) Come on, white cells!


At 17/2/06 9:37 AM, Blogger California Friend said...

GO CHRISTI!! You never cease to amaze me, sweet girl!!

Love & hugs from CA.

At 17/2/06 9:40 AM, Blogger HeatherB said...

Oh I LOVE that computer picture!! :) What a great way to start my day, made me smile.

How wonderful that Christi is feeling up to playing on the computer, and chatting and telling jokes to her nurse. That's great!

Come on white cells rise!!

Praying hard, loving you dearly and sending hugs!!
Love you!!

At 17/2/06 9:56 AM, Blogger The Farrell Family said...

We're so happy to read that Christi felt well enough to stay up late and play on the computer!!! We continue to pray for her complete healing and for those white cells to rise!!!

Have a wonderful day!!! God bless you all.

Love -
Rob, Amy, Emily, and Ryan Farrell

At 17/2/06 10:18 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Come on ANC!!! Go up up up! Christi, you are too funny! Hope you have a great day today!
Megan in NC

At 17/2/06 11:02 AM, Blogger Sharyn said...

Hi Angela,
Have been away from Christi's site for awhile. Would love to bring you and your Mom and Christi a home cooked meal in Philly this weekend. Let me know when it might be convenient and if there is anything else you might need.
Christi is in our prayers. You and your family are in our prayes. Sharyn Kerschner

At 17/2/06 11:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What great news that she is feeling better. As bad as she was feeling it is good to know that the chemo was doing its job. I hate to see her suffer but it just means her body is responding to the chemo the way we want it to. Killing that nasty disease. My parents were born and raised in Pennsylvania. Even though I didn't live there my brother and I grew up on tasty cakes. My grandma would send a box every month. I'm with Pat, I love those chocolate ones. (and the peanut butter).
We hope Christi has another good day and that her blood counts look much better! I'm sure they will if she had the stamina to stay up past 2am!!!!
Many prayers and much love.
Jodie and Karlie

At 17/2/06 11:24 AM, Anonymous Allie Causin said...

So we've got a little night owl huh ;)!

I just want to let little Ms. Christi know that i'm performing in a dance production of Beauty and the Beast tonight as LeFou, and i want to personally dedicate my performance in it to her!

Keep fighting sweet girl!! You're a winner through and through! My thoughts and prayers are forever with you and your family!

Love Always, Allie

At 17/2/06 11:39 AM, Blogger nikki the red said...

willing lots of good white cells christi's way!!! by the way, i LOVE her jokes! i've always enjoyed reading them on your journal.

At 17/2/06 12:24 PM, Blogger The Adams' said...

You go, Mom!!!! I have to know...does Christi make up her riddles??? I have read every one of them since the beginning of your journal. WHAT A HOOT!!! Smiles-Kim A

At 17/2/06 12:35 PM, Blogger HeatherB said...

Just saying hi. :)

Hope you're having a good day sweet Christi. Playing computer, reading and eating!! (Yes I'm annoying like Nonee about that too.)

Lots of love, tons of prayers! I love you all!!


At 17/2/06 12:40 PM, Blogger susan said...

Dear Angela, Shayne, Chrisit and Shayla,

WOW, I love the picture of Christi on the computer, yeah Christi! It is so good to see her having fun just like any pre-teen, surfing the web all night and sleep half the day,...Isn't it great!.
Thank God for Dr Maris and Christi's determination and spirit, she is an inspiration to so many, and to me a hero.

May God continue to bless you Christi and keep you well.
Luv Ya!! Susan

At 17/2/06 12:40 PM, Blogger Angela said...

Dear Angela and Shayne,

Great to hear that Christi is perking up and cracking jokes, so hopefully the chemo is having it's effect. Now just big prayers for the counts to come back up, and more prayers for a cure for dear little Christi.

Have a good weekend, hopefully with a more cheerful, perky girl.

Take care, lots of love

At 17/2/06 2:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Christi, just checking in on you. Love the joke! Always thinking of you and your folks. That's quite a team you've got.

At 17/2/06 2:55 PM, Blogger Java Koala said...

GO CHRISTI! GO CHRISTI! GO CHRISTI! (Java Koala does a crazy dance) Awesome news! Eating, staying up late and cracking jokes! YEAH! Christi, you are so funny. Among the many other things you are gifted at, you have a knack for comedy as well:O) Come on, blood counts! UP! UP! UP BLOOD COUNTS!!!!!!!!!! Let's get you out of that hospital pronto!:) Have a good weekend, girls!:)

Java Koala

At 17/2/06 6:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That cat is sooooooo cute . Christi sounds like your doing great . We will continue to pray for you . Your a awesome girl and real fighter . Have a fun weekend !!!!!

UpperSandusky , Ohio


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