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Friday, February 17, 2006

Siamese Cat

It appears that it's nearly official - Christi's going to get an early birthday present - a Siamese cat. After Christi and I had a look at the loving Ohio Siamese cat breeder's cats available, how could I say no. This amazing breeder is named Carolyn Smith. (How many loving Caroline Smith's can Christi know? Her Grandma, her teacher and a sweetheart willing to give her a free cat with papers and shots! Amazing!) What a blessing!

Aunt Marty is hoping to bring the cat (born 10/20/05 - four months old) to her home tomorrow and to take it to her vet to be checked on Monday. Christi said she'd like to name it "Buckeye". When I asked her why she said, "Because it looks like a little buckeye - dipped in chocolate." ("Buckeye" is our state's official nut, and also the mascot of my university but that's not why she selected the name - Christi's favorite candy is a Buckeye.) I guess I don't need to say anymore - she's feeling great now - thanks to this morning's good medicine (Buckeye, the Siamese cat). Our deepest Thomas team thanks to Great Aunt Marty and to a sweetheart from the Akron / Cleveland area named "Carolyn".

MEDICAL UPDATE: Her blood counts show improvement today!
white count 1.0
ANC - still zero
hgb. 10.4
platelets - back down to 20.

Platelets have been ordered and she'll be receiving a transfusion later. She needs it - her nose keeps bleeding and we want to stop it as internal bleeding is a result of low platlets.

HAIR UPDATE: Hair Today - Gone Tomorrow! She can now reach up and pull out her hair. She actually thinks it's kind of funny. She let me snap a few photos of her offering up her hair this morning. I love her great attitude, but it still breaks my heart.

Rumor has it they're saying we may be discharged on Sunday to go back to stay at the Ronald House. That would be great!


At 17/2/06 1:55 PM, Anonymous Lisa Burt said...

Oh Wow. Buckeye is gorgeous!!! I know I said siamese weren't great pets but, awwww, aint he cute!!! I hope he brings Christie loads of joy - she so deserves it. Prayers for a good day.XXX

At 17/2/06 1:56 PM, Blogger HeatherB said...

LOVE the new Kitten Christi and what a great name too Buckeye! I love buckeye's myself- umm yummy. :)

Angela- See you just knew she was going to get that kittend didn't you? :) I'm glad to see some improvement in her blood counts. I'll be praying for a discharge on Sunday. The thought of all that beautiful hair being gone breaks my heart too. I'm so,so sorry my friend. Know that I love you all soo much.

My church accountablity group prayed especially for Christi last night, she's amazing and I love her so very dearly.

Lots of love, tons of prayers,

At 17/2/06 2:22 PM, Blogger Kait said...

Congrats on the cat Christi! I'm SO glad you're getting one. I think little Buckeye will be the best medicine! I'm so glad you're feeling better sweetie! You're beautiful inside and out, with or without hair:)

At 17/2/06 2:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How awesome! I have chill bumps!! I am so happy she is getting a S. cat! She so deserves it!! What a awesome GOD we have, I believe that precious little kitty was born for Christi!!

Tammy Mom to Angel Cody Brown

At 17/2/06 2:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Buckeye is soooo cute! Cute name Christi! What a great early birthday gift. You will take great care of the kitty! I'm still praying all the time for her to be healed!
Megan in NC

At 17/2/06 3:01 PM, Blogger Java Koala said...

AAAAAWWWWWWWWW! How cute! That is a beautiful kitten and I like the name. Very fitting:o) The hamsters are going to LOVE having a little friend to play with(!?!?LOL!!!). Thanks again Angela for keeping us all updated! You are doing a wonderful job:) Happy weekend to you both!

Java Koala

At 17/2/06 3:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations on that sweet sweet kitty and an early Happy Birthday to you. We are so glad you are feeling better! Here is praying for an early discharge!
Jodie and Karlie

At 17/2/06 3:32 PM, Blogger susan said...

Yeah Christi,,...
What a beautiful gift, "Buckeye"!!I love it, is it a he or a she?, Either way it is really sweet. I am so happy for you Christi. I wonder what Buttercup will think of the newest family member, at least she's not out numbered by the hampsters anymore, too cute. I can hardly wait to see pictures of you two together, Oh you must be so excited Christi, I am so excited for you. There is nothing cuter than a little kitten, oh they are so funny. And thank God for Aunt Marty and Carolyn, God does hear our prayers dear Christi.
May God continue to Bless you and keep you safe.
Lov Ya!! Susan

At 17/2/06 3:38 PM, Blogger Anna said...

Awww, how adorable! Welcome to the newest member, Buckeye Thomas.

Sounds like Christi is feeling much better and has her sense of humor back, lets hope she gets released to the RMH on Sunday!


At 17/2/06 3:41 PM, Anonymous Mary Hollway said...

Dear Thomas Team,

What a beautiful kitty!! That wil lbe a wonderful diversion for Christi. Make sure you check the feline box issues with the low counts , the do's and don'ts. I remember that being important for Molly doing chemo.

They are always right on the hair, aren't they? 14 days after the chem....and out comes tthe hair. She seems to be doing so well with it all!

You are doing a great job Angela and Shayne. So glad to hear she is feeling better....lumps smaller!!

Prayers continue each day!

God Bless!!

love, the Hollways

At 17/2/06 4:09 PM, Anonymous Staci Caruso of Hamilton Sq. NJ said...

HAHAHA CONGRATULATIONS ON BUCKEYE!!! Is Buckeye a boy or a girl?? S/he is absolutely PERFECT!!!!! Congratulations on your new addition Christi.. I hope you are feeling better!! You are always in my prayers sweet girl...


At 17/2/06 4:09 PM, Anonymous Staci Caruso of Hamilton Sq. NJ said...

HAHAHA CONGRATULATIONS ON BUCKEYE!!! Is Buckeye a boy or a girl?? S/he is absolutely PERFECT!!!!! Congratulations on your new addition Christi.. I hope you are feeling better!! You are always in my prayers sweet girl...


At 17/2/06 4:15 PM, Anonymous Lora in AZ said...

Christi, your a girl after my own heart. As a Buckeye lover myself, I think it is a perfect name. You definetely knew the right aunt to ask for a pet. - Love, Lora

At 17/2/06 4:27 PM, Anonymous Rachel (from Ky) said...

What a cute kitty! And an awful wonderful surprise... I think Siamese cats are just beautiful, and Buckeye is the perfect name :O)

I'm so glad to hear that you're having a good day and that you're feeling better and of course everyone here in Kentucky will continue to pray that there are many, many more of these good days to come!

We love you Christi!

At 17/2/06 4:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aww....that picture of the kitten it cute!

At 17/2/06 4:43 PM, Anonymous Anissa Hagendorfer said...

Great to see that Christi is feeling a little better. Glad to also see that "Buckeye" will have a loving devoted family to go home to. Yeah for Christi for getting her Simease cat she wanted!! Just checking in. You are in my thoughts and prayers:)

At 17/2/06 4:54 PM, Blogger Spring said...

So glad Christi is feeling well enough to play and joke around. I'll keep praying for those blood counts to go up, up, up! Her new cat looks so regal -- it's clearly ready to be owned by Princess Christi. :)


At 17/2/06 5:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Buckeye, what a great name! I had no idea what a Buckeye was until i started college on the East Coast and was introduced to Cracker Barrell, the location of my first Buckeye treat! A perfect name Christi, and congratulations.

Shayne and Angela a few more pets and you'll have your very own petting zoo!!

Much love and prayers, Jessica from CA

At 17/2/06 5:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello-Christi, You have the greatest Aunt ever!! I have been following your story for a while now. You are the cutest girl and i am so inspired by your strength. I live outside Philadelphia and would love to bring or send you something. Please(like many people have asked) tell us what you want or need. I was thinking, Girl Scout cookies or maybe a book store gift certificate!! I know your counts are low and have to watch out for germs-maybe when they get better I can come and visit you-I wonder if it would make you happy to see some new faces and faces of people who really love and care for you--People you don't even know. I feel so bad you are so far away from home-I wonder if you'd like a visitor. Well I was extremly happy to see your Mom's latest blog-the siamese kitten-what a great gift .
Please let us know if you want anything!!! I am glad you are feeling better and I bet you can't wait to get home to see that kitty!!!
Love and Hugs

At 17/2/06 6:36 PM, Blogger Jennifer said...

That is so cute about the siamese cat. You guys are such suckers. hehe Christi will be THRILLED I'm sure!!

It is great to hear that her counts are improving, except for that darn ANC. I'm so glad she gets to receive those meds through the IV now instead of through the nasty shots.

Good thing she is thinking the hair falling out is funny. Hopefully she will keep that attitude! I'll be praying you guys get discharged Sunday!

At 17/2/06 7:00 PM, Anonymous Susie said...

Congrats on the new kitten!


At 17/2/06 7:54 PM, Anonymous AngieM said...

Glad you are getting the kitty. The girls will give it more love than it would ever have had elsewhere. Just warn the girls that Buttercup will be VERY JEALOUS. When we got our second cat, our first one growled and hissed at him and us. It took her a long time to adjust. She got back to being friends with us after a week or so but not so with the baby. They are now friends and cuddle together during these cold Texas nights. (hehe, 50degrees)

Keep fighting.


At 17/2/06 8:03 PM, Blogger Angela said...

Dear Angela,

It's great that Christi is feeling better! Praise God! She looks so cute in that pink hat, her hair will grow again!
The kitty looks so cute with it's pretty blue eyes, it will love having Christi for it's friend, I'm so happy that she is getting her kitten!
This evening we were invited to friend's house for dinner, we were just leaving when I found an exhausted little dog (part terrier I think, a hunting dog) just outside our house!! It was trembling and soaking wet! I picked it up and put it into my car, (he didn't bark or growl) and drove to the police station which was closed, there was nobody there! We live out in the boonies, rural France, our house is in the vineyards, isolated. So I took the little doggy to a friend's house and she is looking after it, we were quite late for our dinner invitation!! A few weeks ago I saw a notice in our local shop for a lost little dog which looks like this one so tomorrow I will go to shop and try to find out if it is, I hope so, otherwise maybe we will end up with a new little dog!! My husband thought it was funny that I should find a lost dog, he reminded me of the time that I found a lost horse in the village at 2.00am one morning, (I was driving out to collect my daughter from a party)!! It was eating the flowers outside the town hall!!! It licked my car and damaged the paintwork! Luckily there was somebody in the police station that night!

Sending prayers for dear little Christi, hope her counts continue to go up and that she stays cheerful.
Lots of love

At 17/2/06 8:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Christy,
My name is Kristi, too. As you can see I just spell it different! I LOVE your new kitty! Siamese cats are the BEST! I had a Siamese cat growing up and his name was Simon! I nicknamed him Slimmy! He was such a good friend to me when I was growing up, and I know Buckeye will be a great friend to you growing up! Have a great night sweetie! Give Mom an extra big hug toningh! We Mommies LOVE that!
Sweet dreams and our prayers!
Kristi Bridgewater

At 17/2/06 9:18 PM, Blogger California Friend said...

Somehow I just KNEW a Siamese kitty would be joining the family!!
I could feel mom & dad giving in (I would have too) all the way across the country! :-) And, YES, it's SO hard NOT to when surrounded by all the love & kindness that is bringing Buckeye to you!! Christi, he is one lucky little cat to have found his way to you!! Extra thanks to all who helped make this happen!

Love & hugs from CA,

At 18/2/06 2:47 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pardon my Aussie ignorance - but what's a buckeye sweet?

At 18/2/06 4:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah im in australia too and iv'e never heard of them?

At 18/2/06 5:02 PM, Anonymous katjoy said...

I caught your webpage via Julianna Banana's - I've been following her situation for some time now. Like her, you are also a cutie!
I must say, your new kittie is absolutely beautiful - I hope you can play with Buckeye for a long time. These cats are very affectionate and LOUD (mine were!)
Anywho, you have a great sense of humor Christi- love your jokes - it will be what keeps you going - hang in there sweetie.
Kathy in Illinois - mother of a 7 year old and a 10 (& 1/2!!) year old.

At 18/2/06 8:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

the cats are so cute! one of those siamese cats live on my street its so pretty it has blue eyes but its very shy.


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