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Monday, August 20, 2007

Angel Carter Finger

(Angels Christi & Carter June 2006)

I've been without my computer for three days and I just learned of terribly sad news - Carter's death. I will write about our amazing trip with great friends in NYC, and my romantic evening with the best looking guy in NYC this weekend, but this entry is in love and honor of one amazing little guy who will forever live on in our hearts - Carter Finger.

As we drove east on Friday night heading for NYC, I saw the signs for "Pittsburg" and I gave Shayne the update on Carter. This probably sounds horrible to those who have not walked in our shoes, but I think we were both very relieved that it appeared Carter had slipped into a coma. (After you've witnessed your love one suffer horribly all you can do is hope and pray for a "soft landing" - or a peaceful death.)

I will never forget Carter's incredible vocabulary and ability to communicate with adults. He was wise WAY BEYOND his years! Carter would actually give me his movie critques on the latest movies he had watched and even though I don't really like movies I've found myself going to the video store with Carter's recommendations in mind! Carter treated in NYC and at CHOP and we shared many "Angel Flight" and "travel/driving situations" and had so much in common trying to beat back the horrible neuroblastoma. I pray that Christi is watching over this wonderful little guy we were all so blessed to know and love and that she's getting him around to the pets and the other little boys.

It is with terrible regret that I realize I cannot possibly attending Carter's services, like his parents so lovingly did for us. (I will never forget their kindess of seeing them walk across the cemetery, knowing fully that Carter was in a Pennsylvania hospital at the time.) I started back to work today and our studnets start tomorrow so I will be teaching this week, but my heart will be in Pittsburgh with Carter's family. He also leaves behind a beautiful teenage sister. I would really appreciate your prayers for this most wonderful family. Thank you!


At 20/8/07 7:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

August 18th was also Official Snuggle Your Kids Day, so proclaimed by Christi one year ago. We held on even tighter in loving honour of Carter, and his mother Rhonda.


At 20/8/07 9:25 PM, Anonymous Lynn Haid said...

Dear Angela: I live in the Pittsburgh, near Carter Finger, and wanted to thank you for your beautiful tribute to such a wonderful little boy. I have followed your story for a while now as Rhonda has had Christi's website link in her journals. You are an amazing family and I pray for you daily. Thanks again for the beautiful words about Carter. I know you will be able to help the Finger family as only you can, someone who truly understands. Love, Lynn Haid

At 21/8/07 2:06 AM, Blogger Denise Ward said...

I'm so sorry that you've lost another friend; I've followed Carter's story and am saddened at the loss of another beloved child. I so often think of Christi and your family, and especially so as we head into September. My prayers are with you.u

At 21/8/07 8:19 PM, Blogger Olivia said...

The news of Carter's passing broke my heart. I have no doubt that Christi, and all of her angel friend, gave him the most warm welcome. My prayers are with his family and loved ones. We need to find a cure.

Much love,


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