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Monday, August 13, 2007

Holding a Mom's Grieving Heart

Christi's last Saturday in Ohio. August 26, 2006 at Aunt Marty's (24 days till death)
Taken a year ago with our favorite local journalist, Jill!

For whatever reason, I've experienced some of my most trying days over the past two weeks. I've also been extremely busy, but I continue to believe that "busy" helps! Shayla has been absolutely delightful and I am so blessed to be her mom. It's almost like she has been holding my heart and helping me breathe. (The photos I'd like to upload are not loading due to my computer problems. When that is fixed, thanks to my wonderful husband, I'll share them here.) As you will be able to tell from the pictures, we've been surrounded by great friends and family. Tomorrow will be our Open House - an event I've been scared about and dreading in recent weeks.

Open House was always such a great night for Christi - always so excited about going to school. I can't believe how well she was last year on Open House night and then how quickly she succumbed. I will never forget how we magically returned home from living in NYC in mid-August of 2003 and learned that Christi would be able to go to school for about six weeks after missing her entire first grade year. She had a very large incision healing on her back and so many sweet little girls and their mothers rushed up and hugged her during that Open House night and she just smiled and laughed and hugged them back while I cringed knowing how much physical pain it must have caused because the area was so tender and still under large bandages. That kiddo was an amazing little one! I miss her so, so much it hurts.


At 14/8/07 9:36 AM, Blogger Olivia said...

I am thinking of you all during these difficult times. Christi continues to inspire so many. She (and all of you) have forever changed my life.

Much love,

At 14/8/07 9:50 AM, Blogger HeatherB said...

Again what beautiful pictures of Christi.

I remember well your joy at being able to go back to school in 2003. I wish with all of my heart that your precious Christi was here for this school year as well.

I'll be praying for you tomorrow night especially hard.

With all my love and prayers always,

At 14/8/07 11:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


I cry with you as I read your posts these last few weeks. Christi was such a special little girl, and she and your family have touched my life with this blog. Please know that I am praying for you all to get through the upcoming weeks.

Take care,

At 14/8/07 11:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Angela,

What beautiful photographs of your gorgeous Christi. Like so many others I cannot ever see too many pictures of your extra special girl.

As ever I struggle to find words to comfort you but I do send all of the love & strength that I have. Christi was truly amazing & my hurt hurts for you all trying to live without her physical presence. Of course she is with you in each and every moment of every day cheering you on & being every bit as proud of you as you are of her (at times knowing that can be painful too though can't it).

My own little girl was much younger than Christi when she died & that hurts enough - whatever it must be like after 9 amazing years, I can hardly bear to think about. I don't know if it helps but I lost my baby girl, my sister & a few other relatives & close friends within a short space of time & like you I found the days and weeks approaching the 1st anniversary of their passings to be the most difficult. I hear many others saying the same so what you're experiencing is tragically familiar.

Stay strong Angela and the rest of your wonderful family too. Shayla is truly a blessing isn't she - you have 2 beautiful, funny & inspiring daughters & I hope that knowledge together with the love & strength that is surrounding you from of all of your friends from around the world helps to hold your heart & keep you going.

Love & hugs to you all & of course to the inspirational Angel Christi.

Nicky (England) xxx


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