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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Pics of ones keeping us going!


Thanks to our Cedar Point passes including Kings Island, we enjoyed two days at K.I. last week! While it was terribly "bittersweet" to be there for the first time without our waterpark/roller coaster loving little one, I was able to meet for the first time a sweet "internet friend" and her daughters. Kim has lovingly followed Christi's journey for many years and it was great meeting her in person!

Not only did Shayla get to go to COSI last week, but she got to go TWO times! (Once on our way to my sister's, once on the way back home.) Here she is with "Shay" and "CT" the basketball playing rats so kindly named after our girls. It was the very first time we actually saw the rats during a show. In the past, we've just "enjoyed" (choke, smile) them in a side room filled with "interesting" (cough) critters in a backgroom at COSI. It was great to see Traci and Jenn and also to catch up with Cami and Julie who joined us.

After our visit to COSI on Friday, we ventured to "The Book Loft" - an incredible 32 room bookstore in German Village, in Columbus. We met up with another sweet internet friend who has also lovingly followed Christi's journey for many years. (So good to see you, Heather!) I always wanted to take Christi to "The Book Loft" but it just never happened. I know she would have loved it there; Shayla did.

Although I didn't get photos of all of the wonderful friends who spent time with us at the lake last weekend, here is one of the beatiful families. They made our weekend so much brighter!!


At 14/8/07 12:17 PM, Blogger HeatherB said...

Great pictures!! I love your bathing suit Shayla- so cute! :)

It of course was delightful to see you too!

Love you guys! Thinking of you tonight and prayig hard for your strength!

All my love,

At 15/8/07 1:41 PM, Blogger nikki the red said...

next time you guys are in columbus, i want to meet you!!!


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