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Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Dillon House

Approximately 21 months ago, shortly after Christi died, I went with Shayne to a "History Mystery" fundraising dinner at the Hayes Presidential Center in Fremont. Much to my surprise, my answer of "The Potato Famine" won the grand prize - High Tea for Four at The Dillon House (across the street from the President's Home).
It was to be in December of 2007. Well, on that day last year we received a call that it was cancelled due to a snow storm. They said they'd put my name down for 2008. About a month ago I called to see if they remembered and sure enough, they did!
The Dillon House was constructed in 1873 by Charles and Ann Dillon who chose to display their affluence in at this home of lavish construction. Today, it's owned and operated by the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center and is available for rentals. Being allowed to "roam" was fabulous as was the food, drink and live entertainment. The girls had a ball! What a lovely afternoon!

Grandma Nee Nee was scheduled to be our fourth person both times, but unfortunately she's sick right now so last night we took her some food and asked Shayla who she would like to take to the tea in Nee Nee's place. She picked her friend who moved to a new school about a month ago. They had a fabulous time together! (The little sweetie is wearing one of Christi's Christmas dresses since she doesn't have a dress. It was actually heartwarming to know another little girl was getting to enjoy Christi's dress and I'm not certain if it even would fit Shayla this year.)
I must admit I still don't like see pictures of just "three" of us and I continue to tell myself, "Christi's not in the picture because she took it." (Crazy perhaps, but it helps me get through it.) Many times at the tea today I gazed at the girls, so glad that Nicole could join us, but also longing to have Christi at our table of four. I sure miss her!


At 15/12/08 4:49 AM, Anonymous Lucie millington said...


How do you know christi wasnt taking that picture? She could have placed her beautiful hands over the person who was actually taking it.

And there will never just be three of you, there will always be four. No, really. Christi is still with you, although you cant see, hear or touch her. She WILL be celebrating Christmas with you this year!

Stay strong dear thomas family, you are in our thoughts every second of everyday!

Lucie Millington

At 15/12/08 7:10 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

THinking of you Angela, Shayne and Shayla, knowing this is a tough time because missing Christi is magnified. I'm glad you added her name to your Christmas card, it belongs there! Who cares what others think!
I haven't checked in since last Thursday, and see I missed the petition. I will make a donation instead. I'm glad enough names were signed. God is good!

At 15/12/08 8:33 PM, Blogger HeatherB said...

Nicole and Shayla look gorgeous! You are the most generous family allowing Shayla's little friend to wear one of Christi's dresses. I bet Christi was smiling big in Heaven.

Sending you all my love and prayers,

At 23/12/08 9:36 AM, Anonymous Patti Lawrence said...


We received your card and letter today, and I just had to come to Christi's website to see you, and your family. We've wondered what all happened since we last heard from you---so thank you for the Christmas greeting this year.
You have been in my prayers for a long, long time. Our daughters remember you with so much affection. We send you much love, and prayers for God's healing blessing of comfort and joy to all of your family in this season. I'll be back in touch again later.

Patti Lawrence


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