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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Shayla's 2 seconds on national TV

I was surprised yesterday, while sitting in the dance studio watching Shayla and one of her dance teachers work, when my phone started lighting up with messages popping in saying, "I just saw Shayla's crowning on Good Morning America!"  I texted friends back assuring them, no that couldn't be Shayla; it's probably the awesome dancer Sarah Eash, Miss Ohio's Outstanding Teen, currently in Vegas doing a production number with the other state teen title holders and cheering for our beautiful Miss Ohio as she competes for Miss America tonight.  Well, then Shayne did a bit of Googling and actually found the morning's news clip online.  Sure enough, they were right and I was wrong!  Last night it was replayed as part of Dateline 20/20's "Behind the Scenes of Miss America" before last night's national pageant.  Here's the clip I captured off of the TV.  Shayla's aunt emailed, "How prestigious to be on national TV!"  I guess Miss Shayla has had 2 seconds of her 15 minutes of fame, I wonder what she will do for the rest, lol!  Have a great day!