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Friday, June 28, 2013

Hope Jackson Williams was Sentenced!

I didn't know if we would ever get this fantastic news or not, but we did!  We recently learned that Hope Jackson (Williams) - the woman using Christi's pictures and pretending she was me to scam famous people and groups with Christi and her story was sentenced June 11th in Douglas, Wyoming.  Of course all of that is public information; I have some more related good news, but it's not best to share that yet.  I will update when the time is right!  God is good!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wednesday's State Teen Pageant

 Shayla did not win the state pageant, but for it only being her second pageant ever we were so pleased with her performance!  I told her I just wanted a nice girl to win and she's assured me that the winner - a 17 year old singer, is very nice!  God is good!  She was a bit disappointed at the end of the evening, but soon perked up and claims with another year of dancing, she'll be better next year.

Opening Number Dancing - Shayla on right (straight hair)

Opening Number Dance

Ten percent of the competition - the fitness routine

Yes, she nailed that push up!  Sooooo proud of her!

Shayla really worked hard on fitness this year! 

The stage was much shorter than we expected so she had to make some modifications to her routine at the last minute.
Her tribute dance to Christi was lovely, if I might say so myself!

Doing a lyrical ballet en pointe to "Angel"  - 35% of the score

"Continue to be my guardian angel, Christi, until we dance together again"

I know Christi was with her on that stage!  Love you, Christi!

She bobbled her question on what is the most difficult part of raising money for childhood cancer research, but I was still very proud of her!  I know I could not have done as well!  She got the hardest question of all the teens I believe.  And how do you say that most cancer organizations do not help CHILDREN'S cancer much without insulting them?!  I guess you don't, and maybe she shouldn't have on stage, HOWEVER, most people don't know those organizations typically give less than 4% of what they collect to helping CHILDREN's cancer.  That's why if you really want to help childhood cancer, than you should give to an organization that helps children.

Evening Gown and On Stage Question - 20% of the Score

Shayla in her Tony Bowls periwinkle gown, pretty, pretty dress!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Modeling in the Miss Ohio Style Show (Tuesday)

Monday was filled with rehearsals and dinner with the Miss contestants at Applebee's.  Tuesday was filled with Style Show rehearsals and then at 5:15 the doors open for a "Taste of Mansfield" which Shayne and I enjoyed followed by the evening's style show - what fun!  Shayla modeled a casual and a formal outfit - and she had a ball!  Much to her surprise, a friend she made at the national pageant when we went to watch last summer, flew in from New Hampshire to cheer for Shayla at her teen pageant on Wednesday!  (She is the pretty gal in white dress who recently won 3rd runner up to Miss New Hampshire's Outstanding teen.)  It was the sweetest!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Shayla's experience at Miss Ohio week - THE MISS OHIO PARADE

We are home from a long, but incredible week spent in Mansfield as Shayla competed for the state's teen title during Miss Ohio week!  She didn't win, but we had a ball!  Today I'll share pictures from the parade which welcomed all of the pageant contestants to the city of Mansfield!  Shayla sewed her dress (way cool, I thought) and we are very appreciative for so many of our family and friends for coming and being in the parade with us!  We think we got her off to a great start and made parade viewers aware of Alex's Lemonade Stand.  As we crashed in the hotel that night she said, "I think my highlight of Miss Ohio week is going to be hanging out with everyone before the parade."  It was grand!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Shayla's Year of Dance

Click here to view this photo book larger

The new way to make a photo album: photo books by Shutterfly.

Thursday, June 06, 2013

Overdue Update

Wow!  I didn't realize I hadn't updated Christi's site for so long!  We've been busy!  HERE GOES:

Shayne commissioned a California artist to do a painting for us.  It's of our favorite place on Kelley's Island, our friends' boat and our bikes. (Note the "shadow" of a 4th bike; that was his incorporation of Christi).  We love it!
A few weeks ago, when we were able to be with one of Christi's school friends, she told me she is a Chemistry Assistant and prepares the honors lab at her high school. As the assistant, she creates solutions and gives them names because they are "mystery solutions". She named one CHRISTI THOMAS and told me, "The numbers and chemicals were assigned randomly (except for lead, which I didn't put in this one because it's the hardest to get out), but it has cobalt (Co(NO3)2, pink) and silver (AgNO3, colorless). We used nitrates because they're better for aqueous solutions." I was soooooo touched! I was grateful she actually took a picture AND shared it with us! What a sweetie! And the fact she didn't include lead in the Christi one was precious! THANKS, THANKS, sweet Eliana

Shayla is really looking forward to her dance recital this weekend at the Ritz Theater!  She's been practicing a few times a day all of her routines.  She loves her dance friends and is looking forward to the recital.

With great sadness I share that one of Christi's 4th grade classmates was killed last week in a car accident.  (His brother was also killed.)  I was also blessed to have 7th in my seventh grade.  He was a very nice young man!  He will be missed!  I pray for his family every time I think of him; their lives will never be the same.
A few weeks ago we went to Seneca East High School to award the annual Christi Thomas Memorial Scholarships.  I can't tell you  how nice it was to be back visiting with my former students and their parents!  I had a blast!

Congratulations to Emily Depinet on winning the $1,000 scholarship.  Since there were so many amazing students, we added some "book scholarships" too.  They were given to:  Ashley Bond, Jessica Enders, Aston Daniel, Riley Wagner, Michayla Stallings, Beh Hahler and Jordan Bowerman.  Congratulations!
Shayla asked her fellow Student Council me members to host an "Alex's Lemonade Stand" for one week during all of their lunch periods.  Thankfully, they agreed and they raised nearly $400!  Thank you for "putting a squeeze" on childhood cancer, students!

Remember, this weekend is National Lemonade Days!  Shayla has teamed up with "Kids Cancer Crusade" and she will be working a lemonade stand in Fremont this weekend!  As she told someone recently, "If you need a lemonade fix, stop by and see me!"