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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Wrapping Up Shaylauray

As the waiter at Applebees greeted us on Tuesday, he asked what brought us in. We told him it was "Shaylauary". He looked confused. Shayla and her friend giggled. Shayne jokingly asked him where he was from that he didn't know what Shaylauary was then he explained to the waiter that Shayla is so awesome she needs more than just one day to celebrate her life; she deserves a whole month. At the end of the meal, our awesome waiter brought her a big ice cream sundae and wished her a happy Shaylauary - LOL!

Not only did the girls enjoy another awesome Snow Day on Tuesday, but Shayne received free box seats to see "Madagascar Live" in Toledo so after dinner at Applebees, we went to the Stranahan Theatre and enjoyed the show. It was a bit young for Shayla; however, everything is awesome with a friend we've recently discovered. As you can see, they had a blast!

Pic: Buttercup, Christi's cat, "helping" me with my work. She's so funny! Every time I drop a new pile of papers on the floor to start working through she comes and "rubs her fur" over them. I remember, the summer before Christi died, she told me her biggest fear was of Buttercup dying. Now that the cat is older, I have actually started having the same fear. It's like one of the very last "Christi Connections" I still have. I don't want to lose it, yet I know I will one day.

Shayla enjoyed another marvelous Snow Day yesterday. (And can you believe my university - a residential university, was actually closed too due to poor weather, crazy! I cancelled my class and gave my students an online assignment and then five minutes later the text came in that the university was closed. I was laughing at the remaining texts telling us which dining halls were open and that they were opening up the Rec Center. Ahhhhh, to be young and in college again and to only have those worries! LOL!) In the afternoon I took Shayla up to the Sandusky Mall to meet our "condo friends" for dinner and to send Shayla off with them for the weekend. It's really odd that one of her very best friends isn't from her school, but someone she only sees in the summer. Now I can't imagine how they'd live without texting each other every day (smile), but I'm glad she has this very sweet and very special friend. I know she's having a great weekend - finally getting to see her friend's "real home" and celebrating this beautiful young lady's 13th birthday too! Shayne and I are enjoying some couple time in the midst of trying to catch up on a lot of things that are going on right now with work for both of us - all good, really good, just eating up a TON of our time! Please take care of you and yours; have a fabulous weekend!

Monday, February 21, 2011

A Kalahari Kind of Bday

Thanks to sweet Grandma Nee Nee, Shayla had a FANTASTIC bday celebration! I was selected to present a session for middle grades teachers at a conference at Kalahari and it just so happened that Shayla did not have school that day either. We thought that was the perfect mix for a party: babysitting by grandma at a waterpark with mom to take over at the end of the day, sweet!

Shayne came up both days after he was finished at work. He was AWESOME surfing! I had a blast taking pictures of him!
Kalahari - an AMAZING indoor water park!

All of the girls had fun trying to "surf" on the Wave Rider. (Pic: Shayla)

The six girls really enjoyed our large condo we rented for two nights. Grandma and I cooked up some delicious meals and treats. Shayne created a wonderful Scavenger Hunt and the 6th graders enjoyed fixing each other's hair and putting on make up. Ahhhhhh, to be twelve! HAPPY SHAYLUARY!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Thank you!

Thank you so much for all of the kind birthday wishes! She had a great day - and she's having a great "Shaylauary". Driving home from the airport she had no idea there was a surprise in store. Aunt Marty and Uncle Jeff drove over to have a birthday dinner celebration! It was great! She opened presents and we all watched "Secretariat" on DVD.
Thanks, sweet Aunt V! You are so thoughtful! She loved the new car for the train you've created for her every year! THANKS!

Thanks for a great Surprise Birthday for Shayla!

A couple of orbs appeared in a couple of the bday pictures! In this one, it was time for the traditional "Hold the Baby" picture - we've done it every year. An "orb" showed up on Shayla's leg - amazing, simply amazing! Christi, sweet Christi, I have goosebumps!

How about her new show clothes?! She loves them - purple this year! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, sweet 12 year old Shayla!

Showmanship (bottom picture), and Horsemanship outfits for 2011! I just need to buy her a white cowboy hat and boots yet and she will be all set to compete in Western events! Cowgirl up!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

12 on the 12th!

Happy 12th Birthday to our sweet child, Shayla! At this time 12 years ago, I met her for the first time. Little did we know she would become an only child seven years later. And I knew she'd need me, but little did I know I would need her, really need her to keep me going through the tough days and dark nights. I am so thankful for this most beautiful, precious and awesome gift! I do not deserve her! Happy Bday, Shay Shay! I love you so much! (PIC: Last night with grandparents)

My training was fantastic yesterday! I observed in seven different classrooms (grades 5, 6, 7 & 8) and learned from about 14 amazing teachers! I have some new teaching techniques and strategies to incorporate in my classes and to share with the teachers I work with every Monday and Tuesday. I have some research and related information about what I saw to read on the plane today.

Shayla's day was also fabulous! She returned to Busch Gardens (with her season pass - thanks mom and dad) for another wonderful day with her grandparents!

Last night she was so surprised when she learned they had a birthday cake for her. (There's another surprise in store later on today.) I love this gal so much! It's a blast to surprise her and make her happy!

And to my students who may be reading this (since I know some of you do "stalkers" hee hee), my GA told me your test scores from yesterday were very good (and she also said you got a bit "salty" with her.....something about expecting "treaties" - hmmmmmmm, can't imagine what that was all about, hee hee, LOL!) I'll post your scores as soon as I get back to campus. Do something nice for someone else today; you may not get a tomorrow! Take care, I'll see you Monday!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Can't even describe the glorious day I shared with my family! It was wonderful! Our flight to Florida yesterday was uneventful and it was incredible to see mom and dad again! Ahhh! I wish we could stay so much longer, but there's this little (big) thing called "work" - darn (smile)! It was wild this morning to be awakened by a text from a school I work with back home saying school was delayed due to wind chills of -18, yikes! I'm so blessed to be in Florida now. Shayne said it's brutal back home.

Shayne - since you're not here, I had to ride the roller coasters with her! Oh, my! Missing you (smile)!
Shay said this was a "baby rollercoaster" but I screamed the whole time! You'd be very proud of me! Miss you!

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Science Exploration at Heidelberg University

I found these pictures on the School Website. Shayla had a blast recently when her 6th grade honors science class went to Heidelberg day and learned A TON about science!
Here's wishing you a great rest of the week! Shayla's thrilled to be turning 12 "on the 12th" in just 3 days - I can't believe it! (And she's not going to believe her 12th birthday present!) The two of us will be flying south soon, very soon! I wish Shayne could go along too!

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Weekly Update

Shaylauary continues to go very well for the little miss. She's enjoyed more "snow days" home from school and staying with friends. (PIC: Yes, she is actually ice skating on our drive. She also skated up and down the road and IN our yard. On top of all of that snow was a nice layer of ice which allowed her to do that - what a hoot!)

I'm tired of the cold weather so Shayla and I will very soon put an end (or at least a little hault) to that. It is Shaylauary ya know, and this sweetie needs spoiled I think! And her mama needs some warm weather - all in the name of education, of course!

While Shayla has been with friends, Shayne and I have also had some couple time to enjoy our friends too - ahhh! Her first 4H meeting from her other 4H club meets today so she's excited about that. She plans to take just sewing and scrapbooking this year. (And of course "the horse" for her other 4H club and speaking of "that horse" - I may have news soon, news Shayla would like. We'll see)

May you and yours have a blessed and fabulous week! Be safe!

Tuesday, February 01, 2011


Thanks so very much for your kind and lovely words regarding Christi's grave marker! That was very loving and helpful - thank you! (Of course, today we made a small change, but......LOL! I KNOW Christi would be laughing thinking that was hilarious! "Tell 'all the world' you ordered my marker, show everyone and then add a couple of details".....Dear God, I miss her!)

Shayla could not have been happier about the official start of Shaylauary! For whatever reason, her alarm clock did not go off so she slept in and was greeted by a large piece of paper I left outside of her bedroom door: Closed! No School! Happy Snow Day! I cooked her sausage gravy over pancakes (instead of biscuits - crazy, I know, but she loved it) and then looked up her grades only to find that her math grade was up to a B+ - MUCH BETTER than it had been one week ago. She did a lot of scrapbooking and talking with friends. (She also donated the majority of her "soapies" collection for me to give a group on campus collecting soap for low income families. It's called "Soap for Hope" and Shayla said she no longer was interested in her soapies so she might as well give them to kids who would like them and who needed them. She's such a sweetie!

With ice pelting our windows and power probably soon to be lost, I just cancelled my classes for tomorrow and gave my students an online assignment instead. This is definitely a "Monster of a Storm" - may you all be warm and safe! We're off for a family game of "Risk" soon! Happy Shayluary to you all - hee hee!

(PIC: Sunday's amazing Japanese Flute Performance at the Toledo Museum of Art)