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Monday, December 31, 2012


Shayne was cleaning out his closet last night and came upon different t-shirts he wore while living in the Ronald McDonald House in NYC.  We were surprised that it has been 10 years!  Truly it seems like just yesterday Christi was still here, fighting for her life and doing so with many giggles and much wit.  The shirts made him quite sad, yet he didn't want to part with them so I will put them in storage later today.  2013?!  We simply cannot believe it!  Soon she will have been "gone" longer than she was ever "here".  Oh, Christi, we miss you and your bubbly little personality so very, very much!  What a blessing it was to know you!  Happy New Year!

We have had a lovely Christmas break!  Shayla's life is so busy it's been awesome to have time now to play board games, discuss books and politics, be with friends and to slow down a bit.  Ahhhh!  Life is good!
Over the weekend, we had a former Miss Alabama (and 4th Runner Up to Miss America) fly to Ohio so she could teach Shayla her new routine for the state teen pageant this summer. She does a lot of pageant choreography for ballerinas and I thought it might be fun for Shayla to learn something new. (Both of her daughters have also been state teen title holders and one was even first runner up at the national pageant - very impressive women!)
When I first tracked down and called this sweet lady, we planned for Shayla and I to fly down over break then she got the idea that it would be better if she could work with Shayla's ballet teacher too, since she will be the one working weekly with Shayla so she came north instead.  (It was cute as she asked me if she could wear my boots and have her picture taken in the snow!  We loved hosting this charming Southern Belle, accent and all - precious!) 
We absolutely love Shayla's new routine and we thank Shayla's amazing and sweet ballet teacher, Heather, for being so wonderful allowing all of this to happen!  After dancing for 8 1/2 hours in less than two days these three ladies must be exhausted!  I had to nap after church and all I did was watch!  LOL!

Here's wishing you and yours a very happy new year - 2013!  ENJOY!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas 2012

Shayla, Christmas 2012 
It doesn't seem possible this was our seventh Christmas without her.  Seven years without Christi here for Christmas?  Unbelievable!  Did we really only have 9 with her, now 7 without.  These numbers are mind-boggling. 
Despite missing Christi, we had an absolutely wonderful Christmas!  Last night was mass, where the church was beautifully decorated and we chatted with Christi's great friend Kaylyn.  It's always great to see her.  This morning, after opening presents, aunt Marty and uncle Jeff joined us for a Christmas morning hike - gorgeous!  Upon our arrival back home, my awesome sister and her whole family came up for Christmas dinner and gift exchanging.  How fantastic to spend the whole day together enjoying each other.  We are blessed!  I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas with your great friends and loved family members too!  Rejoice our Savior is born!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Angels on Earth Too!

To the sweet, sweet person who obviously wants to remain anonymous - THANK YOU!  When I got home tonight I found the most beautiful little Angel wing necklace "from Christi".  It been sent to me in the mail.  The note says, "I am forever flying beside you!  Love, Christi"  Can't say I didn't cry, but I did so because of the sweet angel on earth who sent it.  THANK YOU!  People are good!  I am blessed!  I know you miss her too!

Sunday, December 02, 2012

Hope Jackson / Hope Williams - caught!

What great news I have to share!  I'm sure I will share more later, but for right now - this will have to be enough.

The situation with Hope Williams / Hope Jackson, the woman from Montana stealing Christi's pictures off of this blog and pretending to be me scamming famous people and sweet Christians saying she had a dying child continued.  We'd get calls with updates from the law officers here and there.  Well, last week authorities in two different states called me to tell me Hope was located and nabbed and she is still sitting in jail in Wyoming charged with a felony.

I can't help but think my dad was riding in the police car and Christi was smiling and giggling all the way flying on top of the car bringing her to jail.  I hope you and yours have a great week!  God is good!