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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Shayla meets the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders & Will be in Today's Halftime Show!

Happy Thanksgiving!  I'll write more later, but you may remember that crazy woman - Hope Jackson - who had pirated Christi's website and scammed about 25 famous people / groups.  There was an ABC Nightline about it in November of 2013.  Well, one of the groups she scammed was the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.  As a result, we had the incredible opportunity of meeting them and watching their rehearsal on Tuesday evening.  Their directors Kelli & Judi are shown with the amazing jersey's from the Cowboys which were presented to us.  (Note the "12" for Christi's birthday)  Kelli asked Shayla to be in the halftime performance as part of the "mosh-pit" so she had practice with them for about 5 hours yesterday.

If you watch the halftime show late this afternoon and want to try to see Shayla, she will be wearing her new "12" Cowboys Jersey with "Thomas" on the back.  If you are looking at the stage, she is on the left-hand side, and right about where the stage and the start of the runway come together, kind of like in that corner.  She's about 2-3 girls back from the stage and she'll be waving an orange scarf.  She will be to Pillbull and Neo's right hand side and much of the time the artists are standing right above her.  Her biggest excitement yesterday was getting to shake Pitbull's hand.  She said his dancers are soooo nice!  This has been an unbelievable opportunity and we have strongly felt Christi's presence here in Dallas, so cool!