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Friday, July 18, 2014

A Summer Thomas Team Update

I see it's been a while since I updated.  I also heard ABC's Nightline re-ran the story about Hope Jackson scamming famous people again.  Thanks so much to those sweet and loving people who reached out to us following the episode.  There are definitely great people in this world!  The "Hope Jacksons" of the world are very few and far between - thank goodness!

All is well here!  We've had a fantastic summer so far!  Shayla competed in the state pageant.  She didn't win, but we all three had a ball at Miss Ohio week.  She was incredibly blessed to have had 64 supporters walk (or bark) beside her car or ride on her Alex's Lemonade Stand float (or stunt and tumble) during the parade.  It was a ton of fun and we are very grateful for the $500.00 donation for ALSF which we were very surprised to receive.  God's people are good!

Following Miss Ohio week, Shayla went with a friend from school to Mackinaw in northern Michigan.  She had a ball.  Once we realized she was not going to be around we decided to do something we would not do with her so we went on a cruise and had the most relaxing vacation ever.

I finished my summer teaching and am thrilled to have obtained three publications this summer so my latest research will be printed and read by fellow educators soon - very exciting!  

Shayla started her driver's education training classes which can be started at 15 1/2 in Ohio.  She's learning a lot - and I am too!  Who knew you failed your driver's test if you took both hands off the wheel?  I didn't, but when I did that at a red light the other day she told me, "You would have just failed your test for that."  Oh, what a hoot!  And one more reminder of how children learn from their parents actions!

Enjoy the rest of your summer, sweet bloggers!  I'll update after the fair!  Keep your fingers crossed that Toby is a good boy for Shayla and that all of the riders stay safe and on their horses!

Here are more of Shayla's state pageant photos: