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Thursday, February 23, 2006

"Changes in Plans"

If you wondered why I didn’t put a daily update on this blog yesterday, your guess was probably correct – things turned crazy quickly…….

According to the TVD European protocol, Christi should have started Round #2 of it yesterday. Obviously, she’s not strong enough now to do that. Because of horrible “belly pains” we decided it best not to take Christi to school yesterday and that turned out to be the right decision. I took Shayla and then went to catch up with my wonderful sub (Mr. Jones) for a bit before I returned home so Shayne could get to work.

Christi had a nice morning yesterday. Other than her tummy feeling terrible, she did okay and ate well too. She read, played with Buckeye, played the piano and on the computer. We baked cookies. Suddenly, after lunch, I heard her screaming in pain in the bathroom. In an effort to relax her to help the situation I sat on the floor and read to her – without success. While she was blowing her nose I saw that it was bleeding so I knew I had to call the hospital as she most likely needed a transfusion. I grabbed some books and called school to see if Shayla come go home with her friend, Amber and took off for the hospital.

Well her blood counts produced some GLORIOUS NEWS!! (Yes, she did need a transfusion; however, the LDH and ANC levels were FABULOUS!!) We spent over 3 ½ hours at the hospital (and didn’t even get a transfusion – we have to go back today) however, when the sweet nurse brought me the LDH level I told her I could just sit there for an entire week and be content with that news, no need to apologize about any delays!

LDH normal range at Mercy (100-190) *If you remember at the end of January it was 908 – our tip off to the fright train that was brewing inside of Christi which soon produced “lumps” out of her skull and jaw. The LDH came back at 522 ten days ago and yesterday it was 212!! I text messaged Shayne “Praise God! Nearly normal LDH, 212!” He called and jokingly said, “Well, doesn’t Dr. Maris get the award for pulling the rabbit out of his magic hat for this one??!!” Thank you, powerful prayer warriors! (And while I hate to ask, I am – she needs MORE! It’s far from a fix of any sort.)

Other counts were great too: 4.6 white (Yahoo! When I called Nurse Pat in Philly to figure out the transfusion information she said, “Tell Christi that when she gets on making white cells, she really does it well………and the G shots did the trick too!”)
ANC (Needed to be over 1,000 to stop the shots and to start the chemo again) It was 2,800! THANK YOU LORD! When Christi was told, “no more shots” her grin was the biggest I’ve seen it in weeks!!

Her platelets are down to 26. Because a sweet volunteer needs to drive all the way to Toledo to get them (and back, hee hee) today she will receive this transfusion. If she would have been in the single digits I would have pushed to have them done last night; however, this isn’t an emergency situation. As long as she receives them today she’ll be fine. THANK YOU to the American Red Cross and to blood donors everywhere for once again saving our sweetie’s life!

Finally, thank you to “Grandma” Donna and Shayla’s friends’ parents for taking care of her after school and getting her to religion and all during our hectic time yesterday!

Last night she was again in horrible pain from the “bowel situation”. I’ll be checking with some nurses today to see what kind of comfort can be provided if anything. She has been too miserable for too long. She had a restless night.

Last night just before I went to bed with Christi (and fell asleep reading to her) we received word from Dr. Maris that because her ANC is up she can start chemo on Monday; however, because her platelets are lagging the chemos he wanted to try (cabro and etoposide) will have to wait because it’s so hard on platelets. Therefore he’s going to do a five day round of Topo (but at a 50% reduced dosage because of how hard it hit her. Really scares me because I don’t know if it’ll be as effective at just ½ of the dosage she received last time.) He’ll also put cyclo/vcr with it (which she’s seen before). So I’m not real excited about the choice of chemos, but if it holds her steady while allowing her body to recharge itself for another big hit, I guess that’s the game plan!

So, I’m now frantically searching for airfare. Fares are about $500 per ticket again. I’m being really creative so we’ll see what I can book before the day is out. (last time I saved over $600 by booking our flight was a one way to Chicago with a change of planes in Cleveland (where we met Shayne and happily went home instead! I can’t check luggage that way, but I’m searching high and low putting my creativity to the test!) She will have a transfusion today and I’m hopeful (although probably too optimistic) that we’ll be in school tomorrow. If her belly situation resolves itself I think it’ll happen!

CHRISTI’S FUNNY: Yesterday while Christi was reading on the couch little Buckeye was under her blanket. I heard Christi say in a most loving voice peeking under the blanket. “Oh, Buckeye, honey. I’m so sorry. That was really bad wasn’t it? You poor little thing, come up here.” I asked her what was going on. She giggled and said, “I just tooted and Buckeye took the hit down there.”


At 23/2/06 8:31 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Thomas Family, I am so happy that the chemo is working and Christi's LDH is almost at normal levels. Our strong prayers are with you, good luck on your trip. You are one tough girl Christi!!
God Bless an NB mom.

At 23/2/06 8:37 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is just great news! The counts are terrific. It looks like the power of prayer is working! I am so glad Christi was able to get little Buckeye..but tell her not to forget about Buttercup!

I will keep on praying with my little one each night for more great news to filter.

Christi you are such an amazing and beautiful girl. Keep up the strength!

Thoughts and prayers always and often.

At 23/2/06 8:49 AM, Blogger HeatherB said...

YEAH for a wonderful ANC and LDH level- soo happy to hear it! :)

I'll be praying that the reduced chemo will allow her to recover and to get ready for the next "big hit".

Lots of love tons of prayers,

At 23/2/06 9:19 AM, Anonymous Lisa Burt said...

Hi Everyone, SO great to hear about Christie's counts. These journals really do show the power of prayer. Laughed out loud at Christies' 'funny'. Prayers for you all.XXX

At 23/2/06 9:21 AM, Blogger susan said...

Dear Thomase's

YEEEEEAAAHHHHH! for Christi, thank you God, what good news, oh my, prayer can make miracles happen. I am sooo happy for you Chrisiti dear, no more SHOTS. and do not worry about Buck eye" hon, cats noses are less senitive than a dogs so I don't think she minded, wink wink!.

Well I hope and pray that you will remain feeling well and will have lots of fun playing with Shayla and Buckeye.
May God Bless you and keep you safe.
Lov Ya! susan

At 23/2/06 9:42 AM, Blogger Angela said...

Dear Angela, Shayne and family,

Wow, that's great news about the counts!!! I'm praying hard that they continue to improve and that a cure for Christi is found.

Sorry to hear about her intestinal discomfort, can't she drink some kind of herbal tea that has a laxative effect? I can't remember the name of one but I'm sure there are a few different kinds that gently help things along.

Hoping that Christi gets back to school tomorrow, that would be great, watch she doesn't smuggle her cat along!

Take care, lots of love

At 23/2/06 9:46 AM, Blogger Angela said...

Dear Angela
I just remembered the name of the herbal tea, it's made from the leaves of the Senna plant, it works well but is a gentle treatment, perhaps Christi could try it? Don't think it tastes great but maybe nowadays they make it with a flavouring in, or perhaps now you can get it in tablet form?
Take care,
Love Angela

At 23/2/06 9:53 AM, Anonymous Eliza, san fran said...

Yay, yay and more yay!!!

Such great news all around. I'm doing the happy dance here in San Fran (no, it's not an earthquake ;-))) The body's ability to heal is truly amazing.

Holding the hope and sending lots of love,

At 23/2/06 10:41 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We are so happy to hear Christi has responded!! We will continue to pray. When my husband had a kidney stone and was on narcotics for pain, he was doubled over with stomach cramps when he came off of them. He took 2 enima's and felt better....may want to try it! She needs to go poo poo!

At 23/2/06 11:44 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We are so so pleased that Christi is feeling better. That chemo as harsh as it can be is doing the trick. I guess when she is as sick as she was you know it is working! Sound like Dr. Maris has a good plan... and we will keep praying because this little girl is going to make it!
Love to you all
Jodie and Karlie

At 23/2/06 11:55 AM, Blogger HeatherB said...

Forgot to say earlier- see that's what happens when I post and don't think first- that I LOVE the picture of you playing piano Christi! I have not a muscial bone in my body- I can play the radio! :)

Hope your "tummy troubles" are improving.

Lots of love tons of prayers,

At 23/2/06 12:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

God is AWESOME! I pray so many times during the day for Christi. I pray God takes each cancer cell from her sweet body. Amen to the ANC going UP, and the LHD going down!!!!! I'm praying so hard for your little one. She is so precious (so is Shayla, of course:)
I was reading Christi's funny and was drinking water at the same time. Needless to say, I spit water all over the place because I laughed so hard. Poor Buckeye ;) Thanks for the giggle Christi!
I'm so glad she doesn't have (as my son would say)to get 'shot'. I pray you find a way to save some $ on your flights to Philly. I wish I had some miles to donate to you. As always, I'm thinking of you all and praying for you.
Megan in NC

At 23/2/06 12:13 PM, Blogger Katie Weaver said...

Thank YOU Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Praying for safe travels for ALL of you and sending lots of love to the bravest little hero ever. Shayla, take good care of Buckeye until your big sis returns home to you and Daddy.
Mommy, get some much needed rest and let those 2 'island sillies' take care of Christi AND YOU.
Love and Prayers always

At 23/2/06 12:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Way to go Christi!!! I am so happy to hear that her blood counts have gone up (and down) as they are supposed to...I am praying for a great end of the week and weekend for Christi and her family before the next step next week. The prayers are still coming!

At 23/2/06 1:16 PM, Blogger Kait said...

God is SO good. We are watching a true,living miracle right before our eyes!

At 23/2/06 1:41 PM, Blogger Loritalia said...

Great News. I am so happy. I also wanted to let Christi know that she is gorgeous even without much hair. Nothing could detract from her beautiful smile.

Wishing you all the best from Milan, Italy.

At 23/2/06 2:58 PM, Blogger Java Koala said...

WOAH! Christi, your counts are incredible! Way to go, girl! Now all we need is an increase in platelets and I know you can do that!:O) GO!!!!! CHRISTI! NO MORE G SHOTS!!!

It is a true sign of love when a pet can take a direct hit of an 'air biscuit' and not run away in horror! LOL! At least SOMETHING is moving in that area!:) I don't know about anyone else but a few pieces of sugar-free chocolate candy (Russell Stover--anything with caramel) helps with 'dropping the kids off at at school' (sorry, was that too much information?!:)

Keep up the great work, Christi! You are incredible!!!

Java Koala

At 23/2/06 4:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

GREAT NEWS Thomas TEAM! God is Good all the time! When I had chemo (@ age 37) the "bowel" problem was the worse thing about treatment and the mouth sores next. My Oncologist recommended zinc and I had no more mouth sores. Now almost a year and a half later (they only gave me 18 mos.)I am living proof of the Great Physician and the power of prayer and modern medicine. Hang in there Thomas Team and I will keep "making my requests known". Praying in Knoxville, TN.

At 23/2/06 4:37 PM, Anonymous Sylvia/Allentown said...

Oh Christi! You make me giggle! I must tell you, your triangle joke has gone many miles already! Our little friend Luke has a brain tumor, but is stable...he and his family stay with us out at Penn State for THON weekend. Luke is a smart cookie like you...BUT GUESS WHAT??!! I got him with the triangle joke! : ) He loved it! And now I'm sure he's telling it to everyone just like me! So, did Buckeye turn into a Nittany Lion after that toot? : ) Okay, my goal is to get to see you in Philly this time! I'm actually going to be in Maryland on Sunday...maybe on the way back? I'll touch base with your mom via e-mail and we'll see what we can do. I love seeing you play the piano...I always dreamed of playing the piano....but I cannot read a note! I hope your belly pains go away quickly and know that we are praying for everything to go smoothly. Oh how I wish I was a pilot with my own plane...I'd be there for you in a heartbeat to get you to Philly! Did you ever get those TastyKakes?
love, sylvia xoxoxo

At 23/2/06 5:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

THREE CHEERS for no more SHOTS!! Extra prayers for no more belly ache and all your numbers to return to normal. GOOD LUCK and GOD BLESS you get the cheaper air fares and make it back to Philly!
Laura Gray (Stephenson)

At 23/2/06 6:24 PM, Anonymous sharon shields said...

Terrific news on her LDH level and how great is it that her ANC level is now high enough for her not to have to have those dreaded shots.Once again I am sending you tons of positive thoughts and lots of good wishes,but most of all loads and loads of prayers for Christi and all of her wonderfull family. I am sure that every one of your prayer warriors are praying daily for Christi,just as I do.

At 23/2/06 8:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is just such great news! Way to go Christi on the LDH!


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