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This blog is to help offer support to the Thomas Family and their daughter, Christi, in her battle against cancer. Please visit Christi's website at to learn more. There, you'll find journals, photos and a lots of other information about this amazing child and her family.

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Monday, February 20, 2006


We're happy to be heading home, especially with Chrsiti now feeling much
better! Currently, she's in the shower as she wanted to try to wash
those nasty (itchy) hairs down the drain. They've really been bugging
her. She only has a little bit of peach fuzz left now. She also noticed
that her eyebrows and eyelashes are also falling out. She seems okay
with everything now, but I wonder when she walks outside of the safety of
these hospital walls how it's going to be for her out in the "real

Her platelet transfusion was at 3:00 AM and once again CHOP's magical
Angels worked diligently to get us out of here!! Her blood counts were:
1.6 white (better), 9.0 hgb. (dropped) platelets 64 (up from 45 after her
transfusion) with an ANC of 320 (not much better).

Dr. Maris hasn't been in to see her yet; however, he emailed to just go
to the airport if he doesn't make it. The wonderful Mr. Grant will be
picking us up at 8:15 to get us to PHL. Shayne should be waiting in
Cleveland for us. Aunt Marty is scheduled to be at our home with Buckeye
at 2:30 this afternoon. What joy! There's no place like home.

We shall continue to pray that her white count and her ANC rise so that
she's not delayed from getting the next round of high dose chemo. (It
was scheduled for this Wednesday; however, due to her ANC not possibly
recovering to 1,000 by then we shall have to wait another week.) With
each day's delay we know it's giving the cancer time to "regroup" and
start taking over again. It is vicious! Hopefully, both of us will be
able to return to school this week, although I'm skeptical that she'll
really be able to make it an entire day. Regardless, I feel blessed to
be heading home shortly. Praise be to God! Thank you sweet partners in


At 20/2/06 8:23 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Christi, I am so glad you are heading home!! I cannot wait to see a picture of you an Buckeye. He is really cute. When my daughter was finished with her treatment we got her a Jack Russell Terrier!! She named him Brady after Tom Brady the Patriots quarterback!! Have a good trip home, our prayers are with you.
Love and Hugs!

At 20/2/06 8:26 AM, Blogger Angela said...

Dear Angela, Shayne and family,

Wishing you a safe journey home, and praying that Christi's counts will quickly rise so you can continue the treatment ASAP.
Happy homecoming, it is so nice to think of Christ meeting Buckeye, makes me smile!

Take care and lots of love

At 20/2/06 8:41 AM, Anonymous Colleen M. Kashino said...

Dear Thomas Team,

Always praying for healing for all. What great news you get to be home, and hopefully to work and school. I have a feeling her counts will be back in time for round 2, and I am praying that they are in case my feeling is wrong.

I hope you are all getting enough rest to keep up the fight, and I hope the struggle eases some very soon.

Have a smooth trip home girls!

With Love,

Colleen Kashino

At 20/2/06 8:53 AM, Anonymous Lisa Burt said...

Go Christie Go...Enjoy your Kitty. Prayers prayers prayers.

At 20/2/06 9:30 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Safe travels and I am glad to hear you are going home (if only for a short time). I cannot imagine how excited Christi is to see her family and meet her new kitty of course!

We are still praying for her to gain strength and for those blood counts to keep getting better.

At 20/2/06 9:31 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Safe travels and I am glad to hear you are going home (if only for a short time). I cannot imagine how excited Christi is to see her family and meet her new kitty of course!

We are still praying for her to gain strength and for those blood counts to keep getting better.

At 20/2/06 9:39 AM, Anonymous Anissa Hagendorfer said...

Hooray for yall!! Have a safe flight home and I will continue to keep Christi in my prayers. I know Shayla must be excited to see you back home again and wow, Buckeye will meet his "mommy" today. Happy for you all. With love and prayer from Florida.

At 20/2/06 10:54 AM, Blogger California Friend said...

Home sweet home....there's nothing better than sleeping in your own bed; EXCEPT maybe sleeping in your own bed with your new kitten!! :-)

Love & hugs from CA,

At 20/2/06 1:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yipee!! Home!!!

I hope your trip is safe. I know that Buckeye will be well loved, today and always ;o)

Have fun!!


At 20/2/06 1:09 PM, Blogger Cheryl Scott said...

Angela, Christi & Grandma Nonee:

Safe travels home! It's wonderful to know that your family will be reunited again've been separated far too many times!

Christi, I can tell from today's photo of you that you are feeling so much better than when you arrived at CHOP on Valentines Day.
You are so amazing, brave and strong! I want to be just like you when I grow up!!!! I really do!

I'm sure you can't wait to finally meet Buckeye, and all of us out here around the world simply cannot wait to see a photo of the two of you together. It will be joyous! Even though we can't be there to celebrate with you, I think we will feel as though we are.

Angela and Shayne, it's such a relief to read these postings. They are truly uplifting. As you hug each other upon today's reunion, know that the rest of us are hugging you, as well.

Today is a good day...for ALL of us! And we will continue to pray for continued progress!!!


At 20/2/06 2:16 PM, Blogger Denise Ward said...

I'm so glad that you're both homeward bound and hope the trip is uneventful. I hope Christi's able to continue with her treatment in a timely fashion and that her counts all cooperate. I can hardly wait to hear how the meeting goes between Christi and Buckeye--I'm sure that will be priceless!

At 20/2/06 3:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Christi, We are so glad to hear you are coming home and we cant wait to see pics of Buckeye. The love of a pet can be the best therapy. We have seen a whole new side of Eden since her puppy Sophie came into our lives. You are in our every prayer. Look us up if you are ever in Columbus.

Lisa Adams (Mom of Eden) www.EdenAdams.Com

At 21/2/06 8:54 AM, Anonymous Heather Melvin said...

Hi Christi. I met your mom in Philly when she stopped by Carter's room. My daughter and I travelled with him and his mom last week.
I have been checking to see how you are feeling and am glad to hear you are home with your family.
Keeping you in my thoughts, you are such a beautiful girl.


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