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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Recovering at Home

Desperately wanting to return to school myself, taking Shayla into her classroom and then having to turn around and drive right back home to stay with Christi today was very hard. I’m hopeful we’ll all three be going back there tomorrow. Today Christi reported that all of her mouth sores are healed, except for one. Cuddling the entire night with little Buckeye (See last night's picture above), she finally woke up at 10 AM and started eating non-stop until 2:30 PM when I finally heard, “I actually think my belly is full now.” Today, the first in a long time, was a day completely free of narcotics for pain. Thanks prayer warriors! Her only problem is that it hurts to go to the bathroom. Daddy bought a prescription after work and hopefully that will help.

She spent the day doing art, reading, playing on the computer and cuddling with Buckeye. At one point she melted my heart by saying, “I like spending the whole day with just you.” While I still find it quite difficult to look at her little bald head, trimmed with peach fuzz, it will make watching for “lumpity bumpities” much easier. By the grace of God, I can report that her head is currently smooth and “lumpity bumpity” free! I’m anxious to get going on the next round of chemo (next week) so that she hopefully stays bump free (and headache free)for a while. The biggest misery, causing many tears, will be when “Nurse Daddy” gives tonight’s shot.


At 21/2/06 8:02 PM, Anonymous Shelly B said...

What sweet and beautiful pictures, I think animals sometimes have a sixth sense about people. It looks like Buckeye was just the right medicine Christi needed. My prayers are with you always. I hope you can all return to school tomorrow and have a great day. God Bless, may this be a peaceful night.

At 21/2/06 8:53 PM, Anonymous Justine said...

Thank God for no "lumpity bumpities"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The picture of Christi sleeping with Buckeye is precious, animals can be so healing..
Praying for you all and sending ALL of my love!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At 21/2/06 9:00 PM, Blogger Jennifer said...

Look at that beautiful smile!! I am so glad that she was up feeling better today and eating a bunch. Hopefully you guys will make it to school tomorrow.

Love, Jennifer

At 21/2/06 9:15 PM, Blogger Katie Weaver said...

Wow Mama Christi,
Looks like Buckeye loves you as much as everyone else does!!!!! You both look so adorable together too. Love ya

At 21/2/06 10:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lots of prayers headed your way tonight! Keep fighting Christi! Thinking of you! Loved the pictures of Miss Buckeye! What a cutie.
Megan in NC

At 21/2/06 10:24 PM, Blogger HeatherB said...

Praise God from whom ALL blessings flow! What a wonderful report of no narcotics needed for pain and of a lumpity bumity free little head! How wonderful!!

Christi- You look beautiful my dear! Simply GORGEOUS!! Hair or no hair that could never change!

Lots of love sweet and loving friends! And prayers and more prayers that will continue for Christi.

((HUGS)) to you all!!

At 21/2/06 10:28 PM, Anonymous Ronit said...

So glad to hear the pain is gone and the food is in! Keep it coming mom :-)Christi, two of my students told me they found your "spot" and are now following your battle, they have been praying for you for a L O N G time, but now they feel that they know you. There are so many people rooting for you all over the world! Keep fighting. We love and admire you.

At 21/2/06 10:55 PM, Anonymous Eliza, san fran said...

Holding the hope and sending tons of love.

Christi, you're amazing sweety. I hope you can feel that. And Shayla - you are too.
You are ALL in this fight and as much as Christi must experience it through her loss of hair, pain and tiredness, you are all carrying this load together.

My heart is with you all,

At 22/2/06 3:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Christi, You look beautiful. Buckeye is adorable. I'm so glad those nasty mouth sores are finally gone, and that you can eat again. Please know that your prayer warriors continue to work over time for you. We will do it for as long as it takes to get you well. You are a very special person. God bless you and your family. Keep up the fight. You rock. Ellen

At 22/2/06 5:07 AM, Blogger Angela said...

Dear Angela, Shayne and family,

The pictures of Christi with her cat are precious, they are adorable curled up together, and her smile is lovely to see!! I'm so glad she has no more lumpity bumpities, I pray and hope the chemo will keep it like that.

As for you two cats becoming friends, (Buttercup is a cat?), we had our two cats as kittens from two different litters, within days of each other. They are seven years old now and though they used to curl up together when they were small and it was cold, now they tolerate each other, though occasionally as they pass each other, (it always seems that when I open the door to let one out the other comes in!) they snarl at each other!!! I've no idea why!! I think it is mostly like that when there are two cats in a house!!
I hope you will all get to school today and that Christi will enjoy it!
Take care,
lots of love

At 22/2/06 6:27 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

PRAISE THE LORD FOR SUCH A GREAT WONDERFUL REPORT .I will continue to pray non-stop for this precious child that god is working and healing her everyday .

Upper Sandusky , Ohio

At 22/2/06 8:45 AM, Anonymous Colleen M. Kashino said...

Hi Angela, Shayne, Christi and Shayla,

Thinking of you all and so happy to see the beutiful smile on Christi's face. Hope you are all back to work and school today because routine is such a good distraction.

Christi - Janie wants a kitty too. What do you think?

Love and prayers all the time with no breaks and never without you guys on our minds -

Colleen Kashino

At 22/2/06 9:47 AM, Anonymous Staci Caruso of Hamilton Sq. NJ said...

I hope you have a good day today. I am so happy to see you with your new beautiful little girl Buckeye. She is so pretty!! I hope Buttercup is not having sibling rivalry!! haha.

Have a good day sweet girl..
In my prayers always,

At 22/2/06 10:24 AM, Anonymous Elizabeth said...

Praying you will all be back in school today, and praising God for a lumpity-bumpity-free head.

At 22/2/06 11:46 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is nice to see sweet Christi smiling with her new kitten! I will keep praying that she gains strength to help her through the next session of chemo and to keep smiling.

Go, Christi, Go!!!

At 22/2/06 12:29 PM, Anonymous Nancy said...

Ah.... there's nothing like a little kitten to make you feel perkier, huh? Buckeye is adorable, and Buttercup will come around in a few weeks. Hopefully she can still get a little loving and special attention to help her get over the fact that there's an interloper in her house!

I'm SO glad to hear the lumpity bumpities have disappeared - let's hope Christi's ANC does the opposite and comes in like gangbusters!

Sending love, hope, prayers and SUNSHINE! Spring is coming soon, when all things are renewed!

ChemoAngel Nancy in NH

At 22/2/06 1:13 PM, Anonymous Lydia Leslie said...

So Sweet. So glad you are home. What a miracle you have had. Still praying for conitnued healing.

At 22/2/06 1:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Christy! I love your kitty Buckeye! He looks so sweet. I bet you two were instant best friends! Abby and I are sitting her in clinic in Omaha, NE getting Chemo today! She is jsut about done, so we should get to go home in about an hour! It sounds like you have the nicest mom and family! You are so lucky! Hope you are having a good day and just wanted you to know that we are thinking about you!

At 22/2/06 2:28 PM, Anonymous Linda, Pat and Yoda our puppy said...

Hello Thomas Family,

We were happy to read Christi is home and feeling better. Great pictures of Christi and her buddy Buckeye!

Sending much love and prayers,

At 22/2/06 2:49 PM, Blogger Java Koala said...

This is great news, Thomas team! Mouth sores almost all gone, eating lots and no narcotics!!! Hopefully the prescription will help keep all that is eaten moving on through:) Angela, I'm sorry about you and Christi not getting to stay at school. I know that must be hard for both of you, but especially you. I know you miss the staff and students and I'm sure they miss you too. Since I see no update for Wednesday yet, I'm hopeful that it must mean that everyone went to school today;) Great pics of Christi! I think her little head is sweet. She is undeniably beautiful--hair or no hair!

I hope Tuesday night's shot went better:o( They just don't sound like fun AT ALL (then again, I don't know of any shots that are!). Hang in there, Shayne. I know it's gotta take its toll on you having to give these shots.

Shayla, hope the hamsters are doing well. I wonder what they think of having 2 kitties in their midst?!!?

Have a good day everyone,

Java Koala

At 22/2/06 4:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Praying you had a really good day today Christi!
Megan in NC

At 22/2/06 5:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Christi! I am praying for you and I am glad that you finally got your cat.

At 22/2/06 7:19 PM, Blogger twinkletoes said...

Buckeye is adorable! You're such a lucky girl Christi! :) Hope you're feeling ok, and having a good day!


At 22/2/06 9:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gorgeous as always....hope you are feeling well Christi.

At 22/2/06 9:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Christi you are one big miracle . You are so special . God loves you so much . I don't even know you but I love to pick you up give you a big hug and kiss . I pray for you and your parents and Shayla in my daily prayers .

Prayer Warriors
Rick Jackie Kayla Tyler

Upper Sandusky , Ohio Nazarene church has a heart for you and your family

At 22/2/06 10:50 PM, Blogger Anna said...

Greetings Thomas Team:

Please excuse my lack of replys.

Finally she gets to meet Buckeye! Hope that Buttercup will adjust (we had the same situation with our cats, Bailey being six weeks when he came to live with us, and Autumn 15, yikes!) They mostly get along now and Autumn is very patient with the little one, bless his heart.

While I do notice that her hair is gone, I immidiatly go to that big smile in the second picture and you forget about it. She looks beautiful either way.

Hope that one mouth sore continues to heal and she continues to eat, the poor thing finally got a meal after so long so I was glad to hear that she was finally full!

I wonder if it would be possible to do the dreaded shots through the IV like they did at CHOP, just at home? Maybe Mercy could help figure something out.


At 23/2/06 1:11 AM, Blogger California Friend said...

Hopefully no update today means that you're all 3 worn out from a busy day at school followed by a busy night of playing with a new kitty....

Thinking of you in CA,

At 23/2/06 1:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Praying that no news today is good news! Know that Christi and your whole family are in my thoughts and prayers every minute of every day! She deserves her miracle!

At 23/2/06 6:33 AM, Anonymous Sylvia/Allentown said...

Good morning Miss Christi and Miss Shayla! Happy Thursday! I hope this will find the sun shining down on you today and many smiles being shared. So how are Buckeye and Buttercup getting along? I've been praying to St. Francis for them. Off to work I go...I just wanted to take a peek at the two sweetest girls in Ohio and see how you were doing. Have a beautiful day! love, sylvia

At 23/2/06 8:07 AM, Blogger KAY DYER said...

Christi and Shayla Hope you girls are enjoying your new pets. I am so thankful to have met you two wonderful young ladies a grandpa LOWELLS . I have a siamese cat just like Buckeye, we call him Jinx.I will send you a picture of him . Your Grandpa Lowell sends you girls hugs and kisses.

Hugs and Kisses from Kentucky,


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